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Friday, February 03, 2006

Today Was Yesterday

Howdy Folks

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles... I actually went to the gym yesterday! That whole New Year's resolution thing is a little slow to kick-in this year... but hey, I made it in there once by the second month of the year. That's gotta count for somethin', right? Right...

Actually, I was going to go in this morning as well, but here I sit on my third cup of coffee, getting caught up on email. Not enough time do go pedal the exercycle (oh, I'm sorry... they call it "spinning" now, don't they? I remember when "spinning classes" had something to do with pottery. Why back in my day, young whipper-snappers...) before my first appointment, so I thought I'd share a couple of things with you guys.

>> My cousin, Anne Bitner, was on the Today Show yesterday morning. Her fiance took her to Italy to propose to her, and the Today Show went with them to capture it all on tape and broadcast it to the world. I could rail against our voyeristic culture and people's grasping desire for their 15 minutes of fame... but I love my cousin and she knows I'm just jealous because she got a spot on national TV before me, the, uh... actor? Anyway, here's a link to the video:

My Cousin Anne On The Today Show

>> Speaking of proposals, yesterday was actually the 10th anniversary of the day I proposed to Trish (we always remember the date, because I proposed to her on Groundhog Day... kind of appropriate, since we were living in the basement of a house in Lake Oswego at the time). To celebrate, we went to one of our favorite area restaurants - Typhoon at Gresham Station. If you folks live in Portland or Seattle and you haven't visited Typhoon (they have 6 locations now), you're really missing out. The style of the restaurant and the cooking is incredible - great music, wonderful design in the dining rooms, traditional Thai dishes, Thai inspired nouvelle cuisine, fine drinks from a full bar... truly a lovely dining experience, and the staff really take care of you. We've built a relationship with Ot, one of the waiters who also works in the corporate office and does some catering. He's one of the reasons we keep going back!

If you go, check out the King's Noodles. Yummy!

>> You might remember that a few posts back I told you about a flap in the Portland theatre community about some letters written to the Portland Mercury. You don't? Well, click here to read that post (or you could just scroll down the screen to the post entitled "Comics and Assorted Jibba Jabba").

As expected, the theatre community shot back, and the Mercury printed two of their letters (well, one letter from a portland actor - you can tell because it's kind of "hippie" in tone - and one from a visiting New York actor). Click here to see this week's letters column (you'll have to scroll all the way down the page... they printed the letters, but that didn't mean they considered them "above the fold" material :) ).

And... that's the works. I better get moving. Hope you're all doing well!


Thursday, February 02, 2006

How the Muslim World Sees Us

Well, I just read about something VERY disquieting on the Ap... Check out this review of a new Turkish movie that premiered last night:

In Turkish Movie, Americans Kill Innocents

It has to be pointed out here that the Turks, unlike many Muslim countries, are a SECULAR nation. They don't have clerics running the government... in fact, it was only 9 years ago that the Turkish Military stepped in to force a fundamentalist out of the Prime Minister's seat. They believe the same thing that we believe: that the church and the state should be separate.

That being said, this movie is set to break all box office records in that country... and is going to get wide release across the world.

Tell me again how our war in Iraq is helping our standing in the world?