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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where The Hell Have I Been? Where The Hell Am I Going?

Hey there everyone. Remember me?

After a long run of regular postings, it seems I’ve “fallen off” when it comes to updating the ol’ blog… the reason is pretty self-evident: I’ve been busy. Like, super-mega-2009-level busy (not to mention the fact that I’m splitting my attention between this and
the other blog…)

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I really enjoy blogging – but it’s something that takes time. I’m not just jotting quick notes to update you on the minutiae of my life and career here (that’s what
Facebook and Twitter are for , after all!) The blog is a space for introspection, and drawn out examinations of subjects I happen to be interested in at a particular moment. Doing those subjects justice takes time… and I haven’t had much time in recent weeks to sit down with a cup of tea and update you all… and indulge my own rambling nature :)

I’ve got a spare hour today, though… so lets do a quick run-down on what’s been happening over the past little while...

>>First off, I’m back “on drugs” for the NIH There’s a reason I have a spare hour today… I’m sitting at Denver International Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Albuquerque (insert Bugs-Bunny-Shoulda-Taken-That-Left-Turn-Joke here:___________). As frequent readers know, I work with the
National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Trials Network from time-to-time. NIDA runs various clinical trials at drug treatment centers around the country, and they fly my friend Lindsae Klein and I around to portray substance users going through the intake processes for these trials. It helps give the researchers practice in dealing with the population who are going to be going through the trial… and it can sometimes help to identify problem-spots in the intake process that need to be fixed.

This time around I’ve got three trips lined up – I’ve already worked at atreatment center in Cape Girardeau, MO, and I’m headed to Albuquerque today. Then, next week, it’s off to Cincinnati OH.

I really enjoy these sessions – yes, the pay is good… but more than that, I feel like I’m making a difference with the work I do (as my buddy
Duane Hanson is fond of saying, I’m “using my powers for good.”) If I can help make things easier for the researchers and play a part in finding solutions to help people hooked on drugs… well, heck, I figure I’m putting a little in the kharmic bank.

The down-side, of course, is the amount of time I spend out of town; I had to turn down an audition yesterday because I was going to be out of town on the day the callbacks were scheduled... As I often say in my
Back To Business articles, time is a resource that actors have to manage. No matter how you manage your time, though, you never seem to have enough to do everything you want to do!

>>That’s not to say all my time’s been spent flying around the country… oh no. I’ve had my share of projects in the hopper over the past little while… for one thing, I shot an internet ad for (with my good friend Eric Newsome) at the end of last month... no news about where and when it’ll be playing as yet… you know I’ll update you as soon as I know anything, though... eventually :)
I also just wrapped an independent film by Portland-area musician and director Jon Garcia called The Falls. I was especially honored to be a part of that project – I think it might raise some eyebrows when it starts making the festival rounds (again, I’ll be sure to update you on the where and when once I know something...)

>>Hey, speaking of Festivals… we just got word (like, LAST NIGHT) that
The Bicyclists won best feature at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival (formerly the Washougal International Film Festival.) From a field of over 300 films, the judges picked our little film! I’ve always felt privileged to be included in the film’s cast… but now I feel especially honored (and I don’t even play all that big a role!)

>>While we’re talking about previously released projects, I haven’t let you know about a couple of projects I’m part of that have been released in the past month or so… first off, if you haven’t caught up with Animus Cross, be sure to check out episodes
3 & 4 before episode 5 goes “Live” this Wednesday.

Also, have you visited my
YouTube channel lately? If not, you probably haven’t seen this cool little “spec” commercial I shot at the end of last year with Calfornia-based RBG Films:

(I say “spec” commercial because Toyota didn’t contract with RGB Films to make the spot – rather, RGB Films conceived and produced the commercial on their own, and are showing it to Toyota as an example of what they can do. Will it go someplace beyond the internet? Who’s to say? )

AND… you may remember me talking about shooting a pilot for a new web series called Vicky Vixen early last year… well, it took some time to get the pilot “just right” (and build the supporting web site around it) but Vicky is finally ready to be introduced to the world at! Head on over and watch the pilot – and while you’re there, be sure to register as a “Fan” to see additional content and to be entered into a drawing for a free I-Pad (no, really… the producers are giving away a free I-Pad to Vicky Vixen fans. No scam! No hot air… I wouldn’t lie to ya!)

>>So… about that other blog I’ve been spending time with... If you’re a frequent reader, you probably remember
this post wherein I announced the launch of That site’s been cooking for about two months now, and the response has been tremendous! Not only have people been visiting and forwarding the articles… but it’s started a lot of very interesting conversations with people in the Oregon Film Office, the Oregon Media Producers Association, and independent actors, producers and directors who are all hungry to take Oregon’s film and TV industry to “the next level…” whatever that next level may be.
That’s actually sort of the question-of-the moment that keeps coming up in these conversations… where does Oregon want to go as its film and TV industry grows? Do we want to be “Hollywood North?” Do we want to focus on locally produced projects? Do we want to work hard to bring more out-of-state production into Oregon? All of the above? Maybe none of the above?

I can’t talk much about it at this point, but I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with the OMPA to broaden the discussion a little bit… That’s something else I’ll be updating you on coming weeks. For now, keep visiting the
Oregon Film and TV Dollars site – and be sure to spread the word about it to everyone (especially the non-film-people you know who might not even be aware Oregon has a film and TV industry!)

Well, that’s pretty much what’s going on at the moment… I could probably go on for a while longer (as if I haven’t rambled on enough!!), but it’s time to board the last leg of my flight to Albuquerque… so I better wrap this up!

Hope you’re all doing well… and keep an eye out – I might just be updating a bit more in coming days ;)