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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Uh... wow. It's 2011

Wow. You know, I suck.

Well, ok... if you're a semi-regular reader of this blog, you probably already know I suck... but I'm starting to think that my good friend Kert was right a few years back when he called me the "worst blogger on the internet." I mean, my last post was 2 1/2 months ago... about my brother-in-law dying. You probably thought I died or something.

Except, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know better... and if you've subscribed to, you probably know where most of my bloggin' energy has been going of late.

That being said... yeah. I've been dropping the ball at keeping THIS blog updated. Stick with me, guys... new posts will be coming forthwith (if forthwith means whenever I get a chance to breath :) )

In the mean time... happy new year! I've been having a busy, SLAMMIN' 2011 thus far. Hope yours is going well too!

More... soon?