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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scenes From The Recording Booth

Hey guys...

So if you read yesterday's Back-To-Business Mailbox post, you know I had a recording session at OPB yesterday; we were doing "pick up" recordings on the narration for Across The Sciences, an educational series I'm doing with them.

Now, this series is meant to be a continuing education program for high school-level science teachers, so the language can get pretty technical... check out the short video clips on my web site's Voice page for a taste of just how complex the verbiage can be.

You know what I learned yesterday? It's really really really REALLY hard to say "and in Antarctica."

Go ahead, try it... now say it again... and again... say it five times. Be sure not to drop the first "C" in Antarctica.

Whew... it ain't diggin' ditches, but some times my job can be tough...