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Friday, July 27, 2012

The IDFLID Chronicle - Part I

And so... it begins.

A long while back Trish's son Jesse and his wife Jessie (no, that doesn't get confusing at all...) told us that they wanted to move to Florida.  They've got friends there, and the weather agrees with them... it wouldn't be our choice of residence (we're quite happy in the great Northwest) but whatever - they're grown-ups and all... they can live where they want, right? 

Then, all of a sudden... they were doing it!  It was a "real" thing - a done deal!  They visited Florida in May to get the "lay of the land" in the Daytona area, found a rental house they really liked, and they started making plans.  We wanted to help out in any way we could, so we told them we'd fly down to help them "settle in" when they made their big move.  We started making arrangements for hotels, cars, airline tickets... that sort of thing.

THEN Trish found out her high school class is having its 40th reunion this summer. The week after Jesse and Jessie move to Florida.  The reunion starts, in fact, on the day we were set to return home from Daytona.

Well, Trish vacillated a bit as to whether or not she wanted to attend the reunion - she looked forward to seeing her old friends from Pocatello High School, but we'd already made plane and hotel reservations in Florida... and it's a bit of a drive between Portland and Pocatello... and how would we manage to fly into PDX and get to "Pokey" the same day... and.... and... In the end, this reunion was simply too good an opportunity to pass up.  It's been way too long since Trish saw a lot of those people, and as she started talking to them on Facebook and looking through her old annuals, her excitement over going back to Pocatello grew and grew.  We re-arranged our travel plans a bit and started preparing for a long and interesting trip.

Here's the thing about plans, though... eventually, they become reality.  And here we are.  The trip is upon us!  Jessie and Jesse have already started driving cross-country to their new home in Florida.  This morning Trish and I pack up the car and drive to Boise, ID.  We'll fly out to Florida WAY too early tomorrow morning, greet Jesse and Jessie on Sunday (assuming their trip goes according to plan) and help them get unpacked in their new house in the coming week.  Then we'll fly BACK to Boise, drive southeast to Pocatello, and enjoy Trish's reunion with her classmates from 1972.

It's going to be a wild, wild ride... we'll post pictures on our PhotoBucket page along the way - and you can be sure we'll be sharing some details on my Facebook page, Trish's Facebook page, and of course ye olde Twitter.  Check in periodically and see what we're up to.

Hey... what the Hell.  What's life without a little adventure, right?  Enjoy your cool mornings and mid-70's afternoon Portland... we're going to miss that weather where we're going!

Hope you're all doing well...