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Friday, July 01, 2011

Winthrop (Not Gary Indiana)

So, a couple weeks back Trish shot an independent film with Sage Bannick called The Evil Within up in Winthrop, WA. This is kind of a funny coincidence, because the first play I ever worked on was the Music Man, and one of the main characters is named Winthrop, and... well, ok, maybe it's just funny to me.

(W´╗┐ell, ok, maybe it's just funny to me...)

ANYWAY... the production flew Trish to Winthrop, and on the weekend I drove up to the Wolfridge Resort join her for the evening, and then drive her back the next day (after doing a short stint in the film myself as an airline representative... don't blink or you'll miss me when the film is actually released :) ) It made for long few days in the car... I had an industrial shoot down in Eugene the Friday before I left and the Monday after we returned... but it was worth it to spend some exclusive time with Trish on the way back down.
Most of the time up in Winthrop was spent working... but I did manage to snap a couple of vacation photos while we were up there...

My companions on the drive up... lots of coffee, water, and a Jack Reacher audiobook

Can't you tell how much Trish LOVES having her photo taken?

Well, ok, maybe these photos weren't really worth sharing... if we'd been in that "mode," we probably would have pulled off to the side of the road and taken some shots of the waterfalls and mountains we passed on the way back to Portland from Winthrop... but by that time we were just interested in getting home so I could get some rest before heading down to Eugene.  Still, it was a great opportunity to get something of a break in between our various projects...

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