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Friday, August 05, 2005

Geek Food

Sigh... all right, one more post and then I've got to get ready to head for the show (call's not until 7:00, but I've got to get cleaned up, eat, and run to the bank on my way to the theater).

So, as you've seen in previous posts I've been pretty gol-durned busy. Which means that I haven't really been able to play City of Heroes all that much. Lame, huh?

Since we opened, though, I've been trying to make up for lost time. Not only have I managed to buff up my three core heroes, but I've added a couple of "alts" who are also connected with Mandum deCaelum, that nefarious apocolyptic sect intent on winning the final battle with Lucifer's minions.

That's one of the Alts to the right, "Azriel's Breath."

You can read all about my City of Heroes characters at Crey Industries, a "fan site" set up to emulate the database of a villian group in Paragon City. Visit to find out more about Mandum deCaelum, Bloodpath, Mindcrash, Bilskirnir, and the two "heroes" pursuing them, Azriel's Breath and Lt. Gabriel (I may very well send those two over to the Rogue Isles when City of Villians comes out at the end of the year). There's also a link to the Mandum deCaelum case file on the right; as my heroes exploits continue, expect that villianous Crey Industries to keep updating their casefiles on them.

Up, up and away!

- Harold