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Monday, June 30, 2008

Return To The Wasteland

Big Lady Wasteland news hit my inbox this weekend... I've had a couple of conversations with director Mark Roush over the past month or so about the series, and his future plans. I don't know a lot about what he's planning (Mark likes to play his cards close to the vest), but I do know that he's been working 40+hours a week on the series, and he's laying the ground-work for something huge. In any case, here's the official press release I received from Mark over the weekend:

Episode 0: The Lady and the Wasteland A five-minute teaser trailer about the new pilot webisode series, Lady Wasteland, goes live this Friday morning at 12:01am PST.

The new episode can also be found on numerous other video sharing sites as well as our flagship site Wasteland Films creators Mark Roush and Greg Demchak have just signed contracts with and about promoting the series both online and downloadable in full resolution. Vuze has Lady Wasteland front page and thus far the videos have been downloaded in full HD resolution thousands of times. These two revenue sharing sites have a combined audience of over 30 million viewers.

Since its inception last November 2007 the Lady Wasteland pilot series has accumulated over 750,000 views from numerous video-sharing sites such as Veoh, Crackle, Revver, Metacafe and many others. Our numbers are consistently growing with a huge European push and we are expanding rapidly in China and Japan.

The website, Lady Wasteland is now featuring Episode 0 along with a new downloads, history and contact page. Flash Designer Josh Kneedler and Creative Director Brian Treleaven have worked long hours to bring a unique style to the website by creating it in a flash based, decayed aesthetic. Downloadable desktop images can now be downloaded and sent to your colleagues and friends.

There are also new links to the new official

Lady Wasteland Blog Site


Merchandising Store Site

Merchandising Store. Please be sure to check them out and get involved in the wasteland blog. We are excited to hear from our audience.

Wasteland Films is currently planning on filming additional episodes of the series, which will be longer in length and will expand upon the storyline by diving deeper into the story of Lady and her quest to avenge the death of her best friend. Welcome to the wasteland. Enjoy the decay.

Mark Roush - Director

Greg Demchak - Producer

Wasteland Films LLC