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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Internet Action

Hey folks

It's getting pretty close to zero-hour for our trip to Alaska, so I don't have a lot of time this morning... there's day-job work to finish up, packing to be done, last minute rehearsals for the play Trish and I are supposed to be performing on Saturday... it's going to be a full day!
I did want to take a moment, though, and let you know that my First Federal commercial started playing this week in Yamhill County, Oregon. If you live in Newberg, McMinnville, or the surrounding communities you might see me on your cable channels. Those of you not living in Oregon wine country can still see the spot on; just click here to watch it.
We got another piece internet-news this week: Trish has been listed on IMDB! You might remember earlier posts where I talked about how I use Google Alerts to notify me when my name is mentioned in the news or on the web. I check Trish's name, too. We generally expect these alerts to tell us about other people in the world who share our names... the Harold Phillips in San Berardino who was just convicted of murder, the Trish Egan who works for Vision Australia... A recent alert we received, though, listed a Trish Egan on IMDB. "Crap," I said to her, "Looks there's another Trish out there who got onto IMDB first."
Trish got listed for a short film she did a couple of years ago, Biography of an American Hostess. It's great to see that director Shilpa Sunthankar got the film accepted into a couple of festivals, and got it listed on the site. Of course, getting listed on IMDB doesn't have any real career advantage for Trish, other than giving her a certain sense of "legitimacy" in some people's eyes... but it's certainly a career milestone for her.
Anyway, that's all the news at the moment. Time to get crackin' on packin'. Hope you're all doing well!