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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Those Alaska Slideshows

Hey folks

You might remember that a while back, I took down the links to the photos I'd posted from Trish and my Alaska Cruise, saying that I'd restore them once the photos had been re-arranged.

Well, the best-laid plans and all that... between everything that's been going on and my trying to find some time to spend with my lovely wife, I never quite got 'round to doing that... but Trish and I are sort of taking it easy this weekend, and it felt like a good time to get these shots back out there to you all.

So... click the images below to see slideshows from the cruise... of course, if you want to see ALL the pictures, feel free to visit the full gallery at ; be aware, though, that there are over 250 images in the gallery. You might want to let the slide-shows play and save yourself the carpal-tunnel you'd get by clicking on each image. You can hit the "stop" button in the lower-right-hand corner if you want to pause the slide-show... and if you want a larger view of a photo, just click on it.

I've said this to a lot of people since returning from the cruise... but if you've ever thought of taking a cruise, you really should. Before I left, I was one of those "why would I want to be trapped on a boat for a week?" types of people... this trip really opened my eyes, though. You're not trapped on the boat, for one thing - the ship docks regularly in different ports-of-call so you can get out and see different areas. Also, you're not "trapped on a boat;" you're booked into a five-star-resort (with, I might add, five-star food and entertainment) for a week... it just happens to float.

Seriously... if you've ever thought about it, go. You won't be sorry. The slide shows are below (each has its own individual post)... enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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