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Friday, March 26, 2010

Help Make The Paranormalists A Big-Screen Feature!

Hey folks

Remember Nicholas J. Hagen? He directed that film I mentioned a few posts back, Dark Horizon.

Well, Nick's always got something going on... last year, he shot the pilot for a new "Mocumentary-style" TV comedy called The Paranormalists. He pulled together some of the best actors in Portland for the cast, including my friend and frequent collaborator Mercedes Rose, Todd Robinson, Jennifer Skyler, Richard Topping, and Darius Pierce.

When the pilot and the follow-up episode "Vampire" hit the web, people went crazy! They loved the odd characters and even odder situations, and they were begging for more. Now, seven months later, Nick has plans to bring The Paranormalists back - as a big-screen feature!

You can be a big-time movie producer and lend a hand! Click here to visit Nick's Kickstarter Page for the project, watch his video presentation - and support your local filmmaker by passing him a few bucks to help finance the production!

I know I'm going to do my part to get this flick made... after those first couple of episodes, I can see the comedic potential! I hope you'll join me!


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