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Friday, September 24, 2010

Why I Joined The OMPA

So... last Friday, I attended an event thrown by the Oregon Media Production Association at Portland's Indent Studios. The event, dubbed "Oregon's Got Talent," was a celebration of the great actors we have here in our state - and it marked a new period in the OMPA's operation.

Before last Friday, the OMPA was known around Oregon as a producers' and crew members' organization... as Oregon's industry has grown, though, the OMPA board came to realize that talent working in front of the camera was a major factor in our industry's success. The OMPA's mission is to serve and represent everyone in Oregon's film, TV and new media industry, so on Friday they announced that they're offering a new "add on" membership for represented actors, and they've set up a new "Talent" category in SourceOregon, our state's official film and TV personnel directory.
And me? I was there to sign up!

(Want your own coffee cup like the one I showed off in the video? Get it here!)

So, Oregon actors, won't you join me in joining the OMPA? Show Oregon - and the world - just how big our industry is. Make your presence in our field known - get listed in and get seen by producers and casting directors all over the world... and get involved in your Chamber of Commerce! Let them know how you think our film and TV industry in Oregon should grow, and how you want to be represented.

It's not a lot of money, really... and the more we speak with a united voice, the stronger we are. Join the OMPA. Get listed. and help us grow our industry into the next decade.

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