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Monday, August 15, 2005


Click this to visit Evanescance's Web Site
Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a bit behind the times. I'd heard Evanescences single "Bring Me To Life" on the radio, and (apparently) on the Daredevil sound track (not as good a movie as it could have been... but that's another post), but I hadn't really heard much more of their work. Mark Twohy changed that after yesterday's matinee performance. As I was taking him home he popped their CD into my car's CD player... and wow. I mean, wow wow. I was so stunned by the power of their music that I actually went straight to Everyday Music and bought it.

Their orchestrated heavy metal sound matched with soulful female vocals is something you've got to hear... click on the album cover above to go to their page. You can then click on the "music" section to listen to some samples. Good stuff!

Unfortunately, I hear from people that since this 2003 album the band has "broken up." Their web page would indicate otherwise, but apparently the guitarist who was one - half of the creative team has left (I hear rumors of romantic entanglements...). Hopefully the singer will continue to produce new songs, though. She's got a great voice.