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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Get better soon Ritah!

Well, last night's show was wonderful... the cast was really in sync with each other and the audience was loving it.

What they weren't loving is Talking With... because we had to cancel the show! One of the actresses in the show called Trish up in the afternoon to tell her that she'd gone out to breakfast earlier in the day, and was now thowing up and had diarrhea. When we called her back closer to show time to check in, she told us that there was no way she could do the show.

This added a little pre-show drama to Trish's life... should she just do the show without those pieces in it? Remember, Talking With is a series of 11 monologues - taking two out of the show reduces the evening by about 20%.

Another thing to consider was the "flow" of the performance... the show is carefully orchestrated to allow one piece to "flow" into the other - music bridges the gaps between the monologues and covers scene changes and the like. By removing two monologues there would have been siginificant gaps.

After a lot of soul-searching, Trish decided that the better course of valor was to cancel the show, apologize to the audience, and offer them free tickets to another performance. As it turned out the house was pretty light for last night's performance (both good AND bad news...), so if it had to happen last night was a good night for it to occur.

We talked to her last night after the show, and she's feeling much better. They should be able to do the Sunday matinee today. Still... a reminder that you never really know what might happen in live theatre!