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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Unless you're a PC Gamer, you probably won't get this...

The title of this piece is "Autorun and You." When playing PC games, your movement is usually controlled by keys on the keyboard. The W for forward, the A for left, the D for right, and the S for back.

A common problem when playing City of Heroes, or other games that have an "autorun" feature (ie you can click on something and just take off in a given direction without having to keep your hads on the keyboard) is that people will chat while they run, forget they're in chat mode, and try to turn or back up away from the bad guys. So, you'll be chatting away with your buddy and he'll say something like, "Yeah, the other night I WAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSDDDDDDD".

The photo above is a good representation of what happens on their end. I laughed at it. Maybe three of you will :)

-LEEEEEROY JENKINS (another "inside joke" I'll explain to you one day...)