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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Uh, ok... I have no idea why the post below is "blinking out" the way it is. Bizarro-land! If you drag your mouse over the text you'll see the gobble-de-gook I was writing (and, faithful readers, what else would you expect to see on this 'blog but gooble-de-gook?). I'll see if I can't clean it up somehow.

Aaaaaahhh... that's better. So, the "reading the news show" that I mentioned yesterday was, in actuality, a part of OPB's much-acclaimed Golden Hours programming for the visually impaired. It was actually a lot of fun - Duane Hanson produced the show, pulled the news stories we read and the selections from the Oregonian... and then we went for it.

The Wednesday show is broadcast on "SAP" (Second Audio Program) every Wednesday night from 6-8. I'm definitely planning on doing it again. Tune in if you get the chance, and let me know how it sounds.