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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Something Tells Me...

... that Dick Cheney Won't Be Attending Any More Washington Nationals Baseball Games.

Honestly, I was amazed that the evil emperor slithered out from his "undisclosed location" to appear in the light of day to begin with. I mean, he's even more unpopular than Bush, and with Bush's aproval ratings at around 36% that's saying A LOT!

I guess the crowd should just count their blessings that he didn't have a shotgun stuffed inside that jacket. As it was, he probably Leahy'ed them as he slunk off the field.

(Here's a link to parody site's take on the Cheney/ Leahy incident. Be warned, though, the language is fouler than foul. Probably not apropriate for kids, grannies, and anyone not from Alaska. Neither is this Patriotic Poster from the same source).

So, what am I doing posting this in the middle of the day, anyway? Well, Trish had an audition at 3, and I have an audition at the same place at 5. Trish forgot her headshot and resume, so I ran it out to the casting agent's - didn't make a lot of sense to drive all the way back to the East Side after that (the casting agent's office is in Northwest Portland), so I'm parked here at Anna Bannana's, one of our town's hippest coffee shops. Free wifi, great coffee... life is fine!

Yeah, so... that's what's goin' on.