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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Countdown To The Wasteland, a Festival, And Non-Public Premiers

Hi everyone!
Lots of film news to share with you this morning...

>> Frequent blog readers have heard me talk quite a bit about an exciting new post-apocalyptic web series I'm involved in called Lady Wasteland.

The producers of Lady Wasteland have asked everyone involved with the project to keep details of the series under wraps. I've made a couple of posts about the shooting process, but I haven't been able to tell anyone what the story's about.

Well, that silence is about to be lifted. is now live, and the countdown has begun to the series launch on November 30th. Stop by the site to see the new splash page, and be sure to sign up for updates at the bottom-right corner of the page. MySpace users can also visit the Lady Wasteland MySpace Page and add the series as a "Friend."

I can also finally tell you something about the series... Here's a snippet from the promotional materials:
“This is the adventure of Lady Wasteland. A story rooted in the misfortune
of individuals left to scour a vast wasteland in search of their own private
destiny. Each character: a fragment, a survivor, a wanderer. In a
landscape after the collapse of civilized society, we find a
generation left for
dead, fueled by revenge, apathy, absurdity, and the need
to find a piece of
I'll keep you posted as things develop...

>> You might remember that a couple months back I worked on a funny little short film for the 48 Hour Film Competition called Secret Identity Crisis. Our director Scott Cummins wasn't able to get the film finished in time for the 48 Hour deadline (though it did get shown as part of the Portland showing), but it seems to have grown legs beyond the competition. On Sunday October 21st at 8:00 pm Secret Identity Crisis will be shown at Cinema 21 as part of the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Stop by and take in the short if you get the chance... I'm not in it for very long (I'm in the beginning, and my back makes an appearance mid-way through), but it's a funny short.

>> Trish and I have two film premiers this weekend... but unfortunately, you can't attend either of them. Don't get me wrong, I'd love it if you could... both neither of these are official "World Premiers" open to the public. Instead, they're "private showings" of the completed films. The difference is that many film festivals require entrants to have a film's "world premier" at the festival.
A "private showing" doesn't disqualify the film from entering these competitions. Even though you can't see them, though, I thought I'd mention that From Kilimanjaro With Love, a film Trish is featured in (and I did fight choreography for) has a showing at Portland's Bagdad Theater on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday evening at Portland's Hollywood Theater, On Paper Wings has a private showing. On Paper Wings is a documentary about the Japanese baloon bombs that were sent to the US during World War II, and Trish provides the narration.
I'll try and post about the showings (who knows, there may even be photos!), and we'll be sure to let you know when both these films have their public premiers so you can take them in.
And that's pretty much all that's going on with us these days...
Hope you're all doing well!