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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One More Day Until The Bombs Drop!

Hey folks!

Tomorrow is the big day! After eight days of shooting this past summer and many months in post-production, the first episode of Lady Wasteland goes live tomorrow - Friday November 30th.

Frequent readers of the blog have heard me talk about Lady Wasteland ad infinitum... but just in case you're new here or have missed me spouting off about this big project, here's the lowdown: Lady Wasteland is an innovative new web series with a sprawling cast of characters, set in a post-apocolyptic landscape. The seven pilot episodes that will be released weekly at (and dozens of other sites across the internet) follow separate stories that intersect and parallel one another. The survivors in this post-apoclyptic world aren't the dune-buggy driving, spandex wearing characters you might expect from 1980's sci-fi; they're living in a gritty, savage world where life is cheap and it's all food in the end.

(Sorry, Scott, no giant scorpions... this might help you feel better, though)

Assuming there's enough interest from viewers (and financing from interested parties), more episodes will be shot in the series featuring numerous sub-plots, involving new characters and situations which will effect the lead characters. Everything in the Wasteland is connected... everything has meaning.

I'm very excited to see this series launch... creators Mark Roush and Greg Demchak have a broad vision for where they'd like things to go... and I've been lucky enough to signon for the ride. Plus, I've gotten to know my character pretty well over the past year... I'd love to spend a little more time with him exploring the wasteland and finding out just how dark a person can get in his quest to survive.

So join me tomorrow and each week after that for the first look at this new, dark future. Come into the Wasteland with me... and, as Mark likes to say, "enjoy the decay."

Hope you're all doing well...