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Monday, June 30, 2008

Much News, Little Time

Howdy folks

Well, Trish and I are officially back... we actually got back to Portland on Thursday the 26th, but between hectic running around to get caught-up with "real life" and temperatures in the 90's and 100's here in Portland, I haven't really had the liesure to post anything of substance here on the blog.
This morning, though, before I head out for my first call of the day, I wanted to share some news with you. Below you'll find four posts just full of exciting information. Go ahead and scroll on down... you'll be glad you did!
Now that we're back, the priorities are to take off the weight I put on in Alaska (good food, but not exactly low calorie), pay for the trip (things are just more expensive there!), get prepped to shoot my scenes in Crackin' The Code in mid-July, and get prepared for a new web series in pre-production... that I'm not really authorized to talk about just yet :)
And with that, I have to hit the road! Talk to you all soon!