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Friday, November 14, 2008


A new Watchmen Trailer is up on Yahoo Movies:http://movies.%20yahoo.%20com/movie/1808406490/video/10658091

Oh boy oh boy oh boy... if you haven't read The Watchmen, do yourself a favor and pop by Powells Books and pick up a copy. It truly is one of the greatest graphic novel/ comic book series of all time. In fact, I'd really recommend reading the book before seeing the movie... because no matter how good Zach Snyder's film is, it can't encompass everything in the books. They play with literary and narrative structure too much... it's a hell of a ride. Well worth the read, folks...

In other nerd news, good friend Tony suggested that I try Twitter... so, I set up an account (, if any of you tweet twits want to "follow" me - I feel so messianic when I say that!).

Of course, Twitter would be yet another web page to check a couple of times a day... and I don't need another one of those! Luckily my friend Trisha told me about Spaz, a simple desktop program that feeds Twitter information. Leaving it running on my computer will keep me from having to pop back to my Twitter page to check "tweets" from people I'm following.

So, now I've got MySpace, Facebook AND Twitter... plus three email addresses, Craigslist, the Oregon Media Network, four or five listservs, the blog, Actors Access, and a whole host of online resources I check daily... I'm just making it harder and harder to get away from this pesky computer!
Sigh... I guess that I'm just going to have to content myself with the fact that I'm a massive nerd.

Then again, I'm blogging at 11:45 on a Friday night, so I guess that pretty much says it all. In my defence, though, Trish is still in bed sleeping off the pain meds from her recent surgery (just a minor procedure - she's fine... but she'll have some recovery to do), so I'm not as big a geek as I could be... right? Riiiight...