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Monday, October 13, 2008

Crackin' The Code Sneak-Peek (And Some Crackin' Apple Muffins!)

Morning, folks... I'm sitting here getting ready to get on a plane to Charleston, SC (by way of Chicago), and thought I'd take advantage of Portland International Airport's free wi-fi connection to let you know about a couple things...
>> The big news of the moment: I got an email from Crackin' The Code director Steve Coker over the weekend. He's in the midst of logging footage and rough-cutting the film. He's completed a rough-cut of the opening credit sequence that he wanted to share with people online, as a little taste of things to come. Click here to take a look at the beginnings of the film's opening... when else are you going to get a chance to see Johnathan Ashley Hall wandering around in his boxers? Well, ok... he'd probably do it for you if you asked him nicely...
>> Even John McCain is starting to get the message that his supporters are going a bit "off the rails" over the fear-mongering that his campaign has been engaging in over the past couple of weeks... I realize that McCain doesn't have anything of substance to run on, but you reap what you sow... Check out the crowd reaction to his trying to calm a crowd of his supporters down:
>> Have I mentioned how much I love autumn? It really is my season... I really love getting up and stepping outside in the cold, smelling a hint of wood smoke in the air, putting on layers and heavier clothes... and baking! That's right, the chill as autumn enters stage left is best combatted, in my book, by sticking goodies in the oven and getting your morning started with a warm muffin. Since our apple tree has been inundating us lately with around 700 lbs of apples (trying to keep the pug dogs slim during this period is a losing battle!), Saturday was spent making some tasty apple and walnut muffins. Click here to check out the recipe - they're delish!
Well... that's all I've got time for this morning - time to get on the plane! Hope you're all doing well...