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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Return To Animus Cross

Howdy folks

So, if you've been following my twitter posts over the past week or so, you probably already know that we're knee-deep in production of the second series of Animus Cross, the dark "western fantasy" that Trish and I are in. The first series, Hell Runs This Way, gained a lot of attention when it was first released on the internet last year. Now we're back at it again - and this time we're shooting in the Portland area instead of Idaho, so Trish and I get to come home at the end of the day.

Shooting has been going well - wanna see what it's been like? Click here for some behind-the-scenes shots that director A.L. Steen posted yesterday on her Photobucket page.

We've got four days "in the can," shot all over Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. We're getting ready to go into our final weekend of shooting tomorrow, with a lot of action on tap; I'm going to be involved in two separate fights with the mysterious creatures that inhabit the woods around the frontier settlement of Animus Cross (we're pulling in some new people to play the creatures too... I even talked this guy named Sandy Brewer into coming down from the Bellingham area to play with us!)

I'm really excited for people to see this new series (creator A.L. Steen considers these segments of Animus Cross self-contained serials, rather than "seasons" of the series... she talks a little bit about that in this blog post). We're really "upping the ante" on the production value, the action, and the depth of the characters that were introduced in the first series... and our new DP Andy Batt is catching some GREAT footage! The first episode is slated to be released at in April of 2010... but don't be surprised if I get the chance to release a few behind-the-scenes snapshots like these along the way.

Ok, I'm on the run... got a lot to do before fight rehearsal this afternoon... hope you're all doing well!