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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meanwhile, Some GOOD News: The Outbreak Is BACK!

Hey folks

Thanks very much for all the kind words I've received in the wake of my release from Wake Before I Die; I've been overwhelmed by the messages of support that have come in in the past few days - and I mean overwhelmed! I've received so many emails and Facebook messages and phone calls that I've had a hard time responding to all of them... if I haven't gotten back to you as yet, please know I'm very appreciative of all your kind words.

That being said... the only thing to do is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on moving forward. I had a great audition for an industrial yesterday, and I've got a few more things on the books in coming weeks...

I did want to let you all know about some great news from the crew at SilkTricky, the producers of last year's interactive zombie movie hit The Oubreak. Fans of the film were dismayed to find that SilkTricky had taken the full interactive experience off the the official web site; the movie was so popular that bandwidth costs were getting out of hand - a testament to how many people kept visiting - and returning to -!

To help pave the way for the release of their new project Bank Run, though, the folks at SilkTricky have brought The Outbreak back for a limited time. So, if you've missed killing me in a myriad of different ways, head on over to and run me through the zombie apocalypse again... do it quickly though, before the film gets taken down again!

And remember to visit to find out more about SilkTricky's new project - you know it's going to be great!

Hope you're all doing well...


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