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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fireside Coffee Lodge

So I have to let you all know about a wonderful little place I found in Southeast Portland!

I had a "hole" open in my schedule, and I just happened to have my laptop with me (not a daily occurrance). I figured I'd grab some lunch and try and find a wifi hotspot (that's "place with wireless internet available" for those of you non-digital types) (Oh, if you're a non-digital type, you're probably not reading this) (Anyway...).

I usually drive into downtown Portland on Powell Blvd. I rememberd seeing a coffee shop on the way in that had put a sign out front advertising internet access. Seemed like a good place to check out, so I popped on by.

The Fireside Coffee Lodge, located at 1223 SE Powell (just a block east of McLoughlin) is a delightful, homey little place! Along with free Wifi and internet terminals, they make great sandwiches and coffee.

If you visit their home page above, you'll also notice that they're open 24 hours a day, and they've got a nice "rustic" feel to their place. All the furniture is rough-hewn, there's a nice flagstone fireplace on one wall, and it's nice and airy. Even if you don't need internet access, it's a great place to come down and visit.

Check it out! I think I may very well become a regular...