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Monday, August 29, 2005

Ok, the dust has settled. Now I have to start cleaning it up!

Hi all. What did you do this weekend?

I did nothin'. Absolutely nothin'... and it felt GREAT!

Oh, sure, I did a few things, but nothing of tremendous consequence. Trish and I played our fair amount of City of Heroes (got my "alt" scapper Bloodpath up to level 13), I watched the winners in the Paragon City Film Festival (One of the reasons I love this game is the sheer creativity of the community playing it... The game engine allows players to capture video of gameplay and edit it together. This is the second year City of Heroes has run a film festival; aside from the winners of this year's festival, many many other movies have been produced by players. Check out this thread on the City of Heroes message boards to see more of the films submitted to the contest), read a little, went to a couple of parties (sorry I didn't make it to yours, Royal)... but generally, Trish and just loafed around.

And that's exactly what we needed.

After the long hard haul of running this year's festival, we're pretty whooped. The last thing we want to do is start getting caught up on all the housework, yardwork, and homework that's been neglected while we were "otherwise occupied."

Unfortunately, you can only hide out so long... this morning I'm sitting at the Mt. Hood Rep office getting things put together for our new Readers Theatre season. Then I have to head out and do some paying work for a couple of clients.... and when I get back home, it's laundry time. Oh, and I suppose I should mow the 3 ft. tall dandilions in my back yard (we just got our first rain in weeks last night, so the grass is going to start growing again. Better not let it get the upper hand on me again).

Ah... I think I'm ready to go back to London... sigh...