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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ok, Break's Over...

(Title's from a joke about a guy who dies, visits Heaven and Hell and has to make a choice between the two. I'm sure you've heard it...)

Well, so much for time off. Since the American Classics Festival closed a couple of weeks ago, Trish and I have been enjoying some much-needed down-time. Got some stuff done around the house, caught up on some work, and generally relaxed.

So much for that.

You've probably noted that the "Trish's Current Project" line on the right-hand side of the page has been replaced... she's still directing the staged reading of Lanford Wilson's The Fifth of July at Profile Theatre (rehearsals start in October... she's still working on casting it). In the mean time, however, she's been cast as a German housekeeper in Nortwest Children's Theatre's production of Frankenstein (already in rehearsals). That opens October 7.

As for me, I'm still getting caught up on work, and I'm busy starting the promotion cycle for Mt. Hood Rep's Readers Theatre season. We've got the directors and scripts all picked out and the schedule finalized... now it's time to get the brochure put together and mailed out to people on our mailing list (no small feat, since we're still putting the financials together after a less-than-financially-spectacular Festival. We may be scraping the barrel a little to make the printing and mailing costs).

I've also got an audition on Saturday for Theatre Vertigo's upcoming production of Timberlake Wertenbaker's The Love of the Nightingale (a retelling of of the myth of Philomel), and I'm meeting with the Portland Area Theatre Alliance on an upcoming even they're putting on.

So, as always, we find ways to fill our time.

Hope you're all doing well