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Monday, October 10, 2005

My What A Busy Week!

... with apologies to the Portland Mercury.

Wow... well, somehow, my idylic no-show-going loaf-about-the-house lifestyle got turned on its ear this week...

Tonight Trish and I have both got auditions at Lakewood for The Lion In Winter (can you not see her playing Elanore of Aquitane? I'd love to play one of the roles in that play, but - in my opinion - it'd be a CRIME if they didn't cast her to play Elanore!).

Tomorrow I've got a commercial audition in the afternoon, and an audition in the evening for Peter Pan at Northwest Children's Theatre (probably just for one of the pirates... though I hear Captain Hook is, as yet, uncast...)

Then Wednesday I have to meet with two of Mt. Hood Rep's Readers Theatre directors to show them the space at Reynolds middle school and talk about upcoming readings.

Thursday I drive up to Seattle to meet with one of my web clients - and I get to see my good friend Walter Baker play Sancho Ponza in Book-It Repertory Theatre's production of Don Quixote. Looking forward to that one.

Friday is, at the moment, clear (unless I get called back on the commercial). Then, on Saturday night, I've got an audition at Stark Raving for their new play opening next year.

Whooo! And with my luck, all these auditions will yield no parts, and I'll STILL be looking for something to do... ah well. That's the biz, sweetheart...