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Friday, October 21, 2005

News Bits

Most mornings, my routine generally goes like this:

1) hit the snooze alarm a couple of times (note to self: set alarm clock a half hour early to allow for this) (Note to self: Trish is getting pretty sick of hearing your alarm go off for half an hour before you turn it off for good. Start getting up the first time it goes off) (Note to self: Stop making your "notes to self" public. They make you look like a bigger dip-wad than you already are)
2) Get up and stumble to the kitchen
3) Nuke a cup of yesterday's coffee. Make fresh pot while it's cookin'
4) Turn on the computer and check email and news.
5) Die a little bit inside with each example of Republican hypocracy, excess, and abuse of power.


Tom Delay's Lawyers Ask For New Judge Page one of the Republican Stratgegy Playbook says in big bold letters "No Matter How Much Power You Have, Always Play The Victim." Delay's crew has been using this tactic since the investigation (finally) put him in the cross-hairs. "The Prosecutor is a zealous democrat. I'm a victim!" "The Prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for me just because I've been indicted for a crime! I'm a victim!" "Wah! Waaaaaah!" Never mind the fact that this man has arguably amassed more power than anyone else in Washington, which he's used to strong-arm votes in the house and illegally re-district the state of Texas. Never mind that the evidence is clear of his laundering money through the Republican National Comittee, taking bribes (oh, I'm sorry... "gifts") from lobbyists. Never mind the fact that the prosecutor in this case has prosecuted more DEMOCRATS than REPUBLICANS!!!!

Now the argument is that because the judge in the case gave a few bucks to, he's biased against Tom Delay. Waaah Waaaaah! Let me get this straight... the only person qualified to be a judge in Tom Delay's trial would be... a republican who'd given money to TRiMPAC (Delay's Political Action Comittee that laundered corporate money through the RNC)? Ya know, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the very idea of judges was that they put their personal opinions aside and judged a case on the merits of the facts and the arguments. Just like Harriet Meyers is going to do... right?

This one really frosts my cookies: Kansas Court Rejects Illegal Gay Sex Case Ok, the title itself is enough to make you go, "Wha-hUH?" The amazing thing, to me, is that this law has been on the books in Kansas for quite a while and we're just now hearing about it. Isn't statutory rape statutory rape, whether it's same sex or not? Why do I have a sinking feeling that this may be a case that goes up to the Roberts Supreme Court? Sigh...

There was ONE piece of good news in my email box, though. My dad, who goes by the stage name Sandy Brewer, sent me a review of the community theatre production of Dracula that he's currently performing in. The reviewer loved it! Check it out:
This Production Really Bites (no, really! It's a good review!). There's a photo from the production here.

Ok... time to get the brochures to the post office...