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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sick-boy links

No, these aren't links for sick boys... I'm the sick boy. I started to feel kind of ucky on Wednesday, and by the time Friday rolled around I was coughing up goo and feverish. Oh boy what fun!

Oddly enough, I had a strange craving for banana cream pie. Now explain that to me... here I am coughing up mucus and I want... banana cream pie. I know, I know... probably not an image you wanted in your head. Even so, Marie Calanders banana Cream Pie is great stuff! You can buy it frozen at Safeway, and it's oh-so-good (at least when you're under the weather like I was).

My friend Jill (or Jelly, as we like to call her) lives in the French Quarter in New Orleans. We were awfully worried about her during Katrina, but it turns out she's fine. She decided to stick it out when the rest of the city was evacuated... check out her photo slide show of life in the Quarter after Katrina stuck. Be sure to scroll down to see the captions.

Finally, my friend Ruth sent me this funny song link from Jonathan Coulton's web site (I'll readily admit that I'd never heard of him until Ruth forwarded the link). It's a country-folk re-mix of Sir Mix-A-Lot's much celebrated work, "Baby Got Back." It's great for a laugh... and I could actually understand all of the words on this version! What a concept! Check out a sample of the original on, find out some "interesting facts" about the song here (who knew it was so revolutionary?), and then listen to Jonathan Coultan's version here. Funny stuff!

Feeling much better today... almost back to 100%!