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Friday, April 28, 2006


Please don't sue me Mr. Kurtz. I only cropped-and-posted one of your strips with love... and you can get me to take it down with a friendly email. No need to get that crack team of lawyers on the job.

So, why did I veer down this deep, dark alley of copyright infringement and risk the ire of one of the web's most venerable web comic artists (Ooo... I called him venerable. That kinda means old, right? He's really gonna be pissed now)? It was to commemorate the announcement that China is releasing a Panda into the wild. That may not seem like such a big deal, but consider: there are only around 1,600 wild Pandas in the world. Period. You could fit the entire world population of pandas (including the 180 in captivity) inside an average-sized sports stadium. Xiang Xiang, the star of today's story, was raised in captivity and trained to live in the wild. If this project succeeds, China may very well be able to re-populate the Panda population... and there will be even more calous maulings of poor Brent Sienna. Pity poor Brent, but raise a toast to panda repopulation. Huzzah!

In personal news, Trish and I both have film auditions tomorrow morning, then we're hitting the road to Seattle to see our friends Walter and Beth, and to see their show La Bette at ArtsWest. It'll be great to see them, and I've heard through the grape vine that Walter considers this show to be one of the best he's ever directed.

Looking forward to it. Hope you're all doing well (especially you, Mr. Kurtz... I hope you live a very healthy and lawsuit-free life :) ).