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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We Iz Actorzz

(But we Iz not Iszes, those interesting little creatures from Sam Kieth's masterful 1980's comic book series (and animated MTV Series) The Maxx)

Well well well. A busy few days in actor-land for Trish and I!

Saturday I got up at 7:00 to pick up coffee and donuts for Mt. Hood Rep's rehearsal of The Road To Mecca (we don't pay the actors much for these staged readings, so I figure the least we can do is give them coffee and donuts for coming out to Gresham at 10am on a Saturday), then "ran" the rehearsal at Reynolds Middle School. Well, "ran" seems like I did a lot... generally all I do at these staged reading rehearsals is give the actors and director a tour of the space, answer any questions they might have, and then watch the rehearsal and give feedback to the director. It doesn't sound like much, but it made for a full Saturday morning.

After the rehearsal I drove to the Mt. Hood Rep office and worked with my good friend (and our liason at Reynolds) Jan MacDonald to put together the program for the reading on Monday night. Then we said our goodbyes... until we saw each other again two hours later at Than Thao on Hawthorne. Trish and she went to see The Water Principle at the Back Door Theatre (they didn't care for it much... I didn't see it, so I can't elaborate.)

I, meanwhile, took off after dinner to do the second performance of In The Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, which was quite well attended by a very vocal crowd. They liked the play quite a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if, after the word-of-mouth is spread, this show becomes something of a hit for the Northwest Classical Theatre Company. We haven't had any reviews as yet, but we DID get a full page preview story in the Jewish Review, and our director Fred Walton was profiled in the March 12th Oregonian.

These notices didn't help us much with our reservations for Sunday, however... by the end of Saturday night we had no one on the books, and we were considering canceling. Four people did show up for Sunday's performance, though, so we went ahead with the show. They were exceedingly supportive.

After Sunday's show, I burned rubber to make a 6:00 audition at the Northwest Film Center. Late Bloomer Productions had sent a casting call out over the internet for a couple of experimental films they're planning on shooting. The films won't pay anything, but it's good experience in front of the camera, and a few more film credits on my resume won't hurt me. I felt pretty good about the audition... I did a monlogue that I normal do for theatrical auditions, but felt very comfortable pulling the presentation back (internalizing, as it were) for the camera. I walked out of the audition room feeling that, even if I didn't get the roles I was auditioning for, at least I gave a good audition.

Monday morning saw me putting on a suit and tie for another audition... this time for a coffee company. The casting director gave the woman I was reading with and I a lot of direction. I don't know how well my audition read on tape, but felt pretty good about it.

From the casting office, it was out to the Mt. Hood Rep office to buy new ink cartridges for the printer so I could print the programs for that evening's reading of The Road To Mecca. While I was getting the finished programs to Reynolds for the performance, Trish was headed to the same casting office to audition for the same coffee commercial (thankfully, we're not competing for the same role).

Tuesday Trish drove down to Eugene to audition for an instructional CD that's going to be used to train long-term caregivers. Having looked at the script, I think she'd be perfect for the role... but hey, it's up to the director, right? She logged a lot of miles going back and forth, but she ended up feeling pretty good about the audition she gave.

On Friday, Trish is shooting an instructional video for Providence Medical Group. This is a piece she auditioned for back in late January. They had some scheduling problems and had to reschedule the shoot a few times... but now, finally, they're going to put it on film.

So, yeah... a busy few days. Hope you're all doing well...