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Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Photos

Howdy everybody

As you can tell from the title (and the photo to the left), we got the proof CD of our new head shots today. I posted a few of my favorites on my MySpace Profile's "Pics" section (look below the photo in the upper-left-hand-side and click the Pics link)... take a look and tell me what you think.

We're taking the CD to our agent Kaili tomorrow, and she'll browse through the shots and let us know her picks sometime next week (I'll see if I can't post her picks too... she'll most likely have different choices than mine). Once she's made her picks, we get one or two printed and shipped back to us for dissemination to directors, casting agents, etc. It'll be interesting to see which one she likes best... I have a hard time choosing, myself.

It's been a pretty full week. Had a couple of commercial auditions (one I know didn't pan out; the other I'm still waiting to hear back on). I also recorded some dialog for Sum of The Parts at Ray Steers' house and discussed a new scene he's writing for the film.

On Wednesday, Trish and I went to the Art Institute Portland and worked with one of Shelly Lipkin's students on a film project he's doing as part of Shelly's directing class. It was nice to have a whole scene to work with, and it was especially nice to act opposite Trish (we don't seem to get too many opportunities to do that these days).

Tomorrow I've got a full day at OHSU, doing one of their Standardized Patient programs. I'll have low back pain this time... THAT'LL be a stretch :). I haven't been to the gym all week this week, and my back is letting me know.

Anyway... that's what's new in our lives. Hope you're all doing well...