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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Fourth, Everyone...

...Even if it is a day early.

In honor of this explosive holiday, please enjoy this little science experiment. I promise no one got their hands blown off by gunpowder (but they did get really really wet).

My friend Jill also sent this story from New Orleans... "Transvestite Gang Pesters Magazine Street." God bless America, eh?

My brother-in-law Pete is in town for the next couple of days. We've sort of become his defacto "managers" as he pursues small guitar gigs here in Portland. We set up a MySpace Profile for him last night, and once he gets some music recorded we'll post some songs on his soon-to-be-built web site at

That's pretty much what's going on in our lives right now... oh, I've run into a little scheduling crunch with the two films I'm doing right now. How Important Moments In My Life Would Have Been Different Had I Been Shot Twice In The Stomach was supposed to shoot yesterday, but one of the actors got cast in, like, a real paying movie and stuff :) So, the shoot day had to be rescheduled... to next Sunday, when I'm supposed to be shooting a scene for Sum Of The Parts. Now I have to contact Ray, that film's director, to see if we can bump the shoot day to make room for the other one... oh, my life is so hard. We should all have such bad luck, right? Balancing the schedules of my many movie shoots? Your eyes are welling up with tears as you read this, I'm sure.

Ok, that's pretty much it... have a happy 4th of July tomorrow.