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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Too Much Time In Hospitals

Hey folks

Been a bit since we updated you... as the title would seem to suggest, Trish and I have been spending some time in the local krankenhauses of late. More on that later, though.

I mentioned in our last post that Trish and I were preparing a garage sale for the first weekend of August... well, we had the sale, but it wasn't all that successful. You know, when my parents took me to garage sales as a kid, I remember hordes of people picking through boxes and looking through piles of clothes to find something cool to take home. Seems that's not today's garage sale culture. We had maybe 20 people show up, and they didn't really look that close. They kind of breezed by, glanced at the tables we'd set up, and then walked away. Very few of them paused to look closely at all.

In the end, it was a pretty lame day. We probably made about $60, and had plenty of stuff left over. Most of that stuff ended up going to Good Will (we wanted to give someone a chance to use the stuff that was usable), and some of it will go up on EBay (when I get around to it).

We broke down the garage sale at around 7:00, and after a quick dinner at our favorite restaurant (Tina's Corner at 122nd and - ironically enough - Harold St. here in Portland), I had to hit the sack so I could get up at 2 and drive to Ridgefield, WA for my final scene in Dark Horizon the next morning. The film crew had arranged to block off a street in Ridgefield, and we had to start shooting the moment the sun came up so they could have their town back :).

The shoot went pretty well - Nick had originally planned on renting a crane for the shoot which would have added a couple of hours to the day, as it was maneuvered to the proper areas of the street for each set-up. They opted against the crane, however, and had the camera man stand on top of a camper that was much easier to move. Similar shot, and much less trouble. We were done by about 8am (much earlier than expected), and I actually got to spend some time with Trish and Pete.

Our friend Beth came down to stay with us on Wednesday. She was attending a CME here in Portland (she's a physical therapist, as well as a very talented actress), and we got a chance to hang with her for a few days while she was here. Her husband Walter came down to join her Saturday night, and they stayed through Tuesday morning. It was truly wonderful to be able to spend so much time with them (we usually see them in "drive-by" visits; we'll stay the evening with them in Seattle on the way to or from my parents place in Custer, Wa... or they'll manage to get a weekend down here. Still, there's only so much you can do with that little time).

Beth and I were pretty-much stuck with each other during the evenings, though, as Trish was in her final rehearsals for the staged reading of Hamlet she was in. We saw a preview performance on Thursday - Trish was, as you might expect, wonderful in the role of Gertrude the queen of Denmark. The play itself was an interesting mix of Shakespeare's Hamlet (the one you've seen before), and some material from other sources (such as the "Bad Quarto"). An interesting treatment of the play by playwright/ director Connor Kerns: in this version the story of Hamlet is told to the audience by Hamlet's friend and confidant Horatio (played by James Lawrence), who "reads" the story from Hamlet's diary, and in some cases "adds" to Hamlet's diary from his own recollections.

Walter, Beth, Trish and I had a nice Sunday and Monday together, though, after Hamlet's final performance Saturday night. Which brings us to the subject of this post... how did we end up in our separate hospitals?

Tuesday morning, as Beth and Walter were preparing to leave, we had some people from 1 800 Got Junk out to the house to take away the rest of the trash that we'd cleaned out of the garage in preparation for the garage sale. Since they were there, we figured we'd have them haul a bunch of trash out by our garden shed that the previous owners of the house had left when they moved out (three years ago). As I was helping the (very nice and friendly) haulers move some of that debris, I came across a pile of old bottles that had been hidden under a pile of wood. When I picked up those bottles, though, I got a surprise - one of them was a pesticide container that leaked all over my hand.

I washed my hand and thought I was ok (except for a strange burning sensation where I'd touched the bottle), but when we went to Tina's for breakfast after the junk guys had left, I had no appetite. Things got worse mid-way through the meal... I started to feel a little nauseous. There was nothing to do but visit the local ER and get checked out.

As it turns out, the stuff I was exposed to is pretty innocuous. If I'd been repeatedly exposed to it, I might be looking at long-term problems (makes you feel for the guys working out in the fields who ARE exposed to this stuff on a daily basis). They told me I should expect to feel a little sick for the rest of the day, but that I'd be ok by the next day.

And I was... which was good timing, as Trish had carpal tunel surgery scheduled for Wednesday. So, just as I was recovering from my exposure I had to drive her into the VA Medical Center to have her hand whacked on. It was a surprisingly short procedure - the surgery was scheduled for 9:30am, and she was back in recovery by 10:15am. She's sitting in the living room right now, her right hand all bandaged up... she's not feeling too bad, though there is some pain.

We're glad that she's not feeling too badly, because we have to go up to Bellingham, WA on Saturday for my brother's wedding. It'll be another go-go weekend for us.... but I'll tell you more about that later. In the mean time, I'd better get to work. Hope you're all doing well...