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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flying solo on Golden Hours

Hey folks

Been a bit since I updated you on what's going on in Trish and my life... we've been fairly busy with auditions over the past few days, and I've been keeping my plate full with my computer work around town.

Wanted to let you know about a couple of specific things:

** As the title suggests, I'm going to be anchoring this evening's Oregon PM Live broadcast on the Golden Hours Network without regular host Duane Hanson. Duane is off in Eastern Oregon shooting an a show for CourtTV, so it's up to me to produce and host the show. Trish is going to join me, though, so I won't be ENTIRELY alone. For those of you who don't know, Golden Hours is broadcast on the SAP channel of OPB's (our local PBS affiliate - Channel 10 here in Portland) regular programming. You can hear Trish and I from 6 - 8 (PST) by tuning your television to OPB and choosing the SAP option in its audio configuration... or you can listen to an internet stream by clicking here.

** I've almost completed shooting my scenes for Sum of The Parts. We shot a very odd scene in a park in Southwest Portland on Sunday, and I've got one more scene to shoot on Thursday. Then, all I have left to do us ADR looping. Raymond Steers, the director, plans to have the film finished and ready to be shown sometime around the end of August (post production time would usually take much longer, but the marjority of the film has already been shot and rough-cut together). I'll let you know when the premier is scheduled.

** Trish's Brother Pete Bolliger will be playing his guitar on July 14 & 15 at Why Not Wine, a lovely little wine bar that Trish and I like to go to in Portland's Montevilla neighborhood. It's a warm, intimate little place that only serves Northwest wines and has live music most weekends. Stop on by and check the place out - it's located at SE 79th and Stark. Trish and I will be there on the 14th (Pete starts playing around 9:30) sipping a couple of glasses ourselves to celebrate Trish's birthday. Hope we see you there!

Ok, that's it for now... gotta run! Hope you're all doing well...