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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Preview, Awards & A Much Needed Break

Hey folks

I promise this won't be as long a post as the last one :) Just a couple more items I thought you might want to know about...

>> As life gets busier and more public events happen, like screenings, performances, etc, I'm going to start posting things on my MySpace Page's Calendar section. Heck, in some ways that's the only way I can keep all this stuff straight! To find the calendar scroll down to just above the Comments section.

>> A Trailer is online for From Kilimanjaro With Love, the independant feature that Trish and I worked on this summer. Trish appears a couple of times, and a couple moves from the fights I choreographed appear (it is a trailer after all - lots of fast cuts :) ). You can watch it by clicking here - be warned, though; you broadband access to view it.

There will be a private screening of the film (sort of a premier, but not really) in late September. We can't have a "real" premier because the submission rules for Sundance require that films submitted not have a prior public screening (they want to be the ones to screen the World Premier). So, by having an invitation-only Private screening Roads End can show the film here in town but still be eligible.

And guess what - you're all invited. Once they firm up the date for the screening, I'll let you know the where and when.

>> The Drammy Awards, Portland's version of the Tony's, are being given out next Monday (June 11) at Portland's Crystal Ballroom. The doors open at 6:00 pm, and the ceremony starts at 7. I doubt that I'm up for anything, but it's one of the only times in a given year that most of the Portland Theatrical community is in one place at the same time. Come check the awards out (even if you aren't active in theatre) and see what you've missed in the past year. It's a public event - just keep in mind that alchohol is served, so those under 21 will need to be in a separate area from the rowdy carnie folks. More info can be found by clicking here.

>> Wonder of the World, the play Trish is in, opens Thursday, not Friday. I had the date wrong. As you might expect, things are getting pretty crazy as they get close to opening... if you have the chance to come see the show, please do. It's a great script!

>> Once Trish's Show closes, it's time for a much-needed break. This has been one hell of a year (and it's only half-way done)! So, we're headed back to Europe. I'm a firm believer that you have to travel when you want to travel - I've known too many people who wait until they retire, or when they "have the time..." guess what - you never have the time. If you want to get out and see the world, go do it. Find a way to pay for it and make it happen. You only live once, right?

Last time we went to Europe Trish and I spent months planning the trip, reading up on the areas we were going to visit, booking hotels and transport... it was great fun, but VERY time consuming. This time around, we decided it was worth working with a travel agent - and we found a great one who works with Mt. Hood Rep on their board of directors. We're still very involved in the process (in fact, we had a GREAT Saturday morning last week looking up the hotels she'd proposed in the areas we're visiting and sending her feedback), but she's doing a lot of the legwork that we just don't have time for with all the other balls we're trying to juggle.

If you need a travel agent, I'd really recommend Cindy Passanante. She's been great about working with our schedule, our budget (we're still not quite sure how we're paying for this... we just know we're GOING!!), and our wacky theatrical personalities.

I'll post more about the trip as details get firmed up... for now, though, it's time to get to work.

Hope you're all doing well...