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Monday, April 30, 2007

A Follow-up On Mike Daisey

Howdy campers

The shoulder is feeling much better today... god bless sleep and anti-inflamitories.

Speaking of inflammatory, you may remember a previous post about a group of "Christians" walking out of monologist Mike Daisey's show in Boston earlier this month and pouring water on his work (in what he termed an "anti-baptism") on the way out.

There have been a couple of follow-ups on this story, if you're interested... first from the Boston Globe, in their Arts and Entertainment section... and then from Daisey himself on his blog.

I don't know how to encapsulate this episode as it recedes in the rear view mirror... perhaps it's a warning to box office personnel that they have to be careful in describing a show to patrons. Perhaps it's a cautionary tale to audiences that they may not get what they expect when they buy their ticket. To be sure, it's a lesson to performers that live performance will almost always yield the unexpected, and we can only hope to deal with those unexpected events using the aplomb and style that Daisey employed.

Something to contemplate...