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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zoot Suit Riot!

Hey folks

Just a quick post this morning... my call to be on set got changed from 7am to 9am, so I detoured to one of my favorite Portland Cyber cafe's (the Fireside Coffee Lodge on SE 12th and Powell) to get caught up on some email.

I spent all morning and afternoon yesterday shooting Jerry Makare's film The Yard. I just love working with Screaming Inside Films - everyone on set is really top notch. They all have a good time and joke around, but everyone knows their jobs and they do them really well.

The Yard is a short film about a father and son. Their story, however, takes place during a riot at a manufacturing plant. The management (that'd be me) has closed the plant down, and when the workers come in for their morning shift they're told to go home. Needless to say, they're not happy... and all hell breaks loose.

I'll post some stills in a few days from yesterday's shoot (thankfully they had a photographer taking shots all day, so there's a record of some of the craziness). I get rocks thrown at me, I get chased by angry blue colar types... it should all look pretty fierce in the final cut.

The warehouse we're shooting the riot scene at is an amazing place - there's everything from cars and boats to pallets of household goods scattered around inside. We never shoot anything inside, however (it's all exteriors), and the place makes a great setting for the film.

Anyhoo... just wanted to check in. Time to head to the set... hope you're all doing well!