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Sunday, April 22, 2007

What the F***?

I mean seriously... what the F***?

Friday night monologuist Mike Daisey (best known for his "21 Dog Years - Doing Time @," which played here in Portland and around the country) was performing his new piece, Invincible Summer, at Boston's American Repertory Theatre. In the middle of his show, eighty seven members (apparently of some Christian group - though I haven't heard of a group taking credit for the action) walked out en masse. If that wasn't rude enough, one member of the group went up to the stage and poured water all over Daisey's outline.

Their issue, as far as anyone knows? He said the "F Word."


Some freaky freaky "Christians" (I know too many good Christians not to use the quotes here) apparently never see R rated movies or watch Showtime or HBO.

Look, you can like some guys show or not. It really doesn't mean anything to me... talk about it after the curtain, leave at intermission, or even stick your thumb in the performer's eye and walk out during the show... but to assault the performer and, in this case, his script the way this person did is crossing a line.

Check out Daisey's blog - He happened to be videotaping that night. The incident is posted on his blog, and on YouTube.

Seriously... what the Fuck?