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Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Heck of a Month

Hi folks

Well, it's been quite a while since I posted anything up here... not to worry, Trish and I aren't "dead in a ditch" somewhere, just way busy.

The first item I have to share with you is a little too big for a catch-up post like this one... it deserves a post all to itself. Of course, if you started reading at the top of the page you've already seen the Sum Of The Parts premier announcement... but if not you can just click here to read it.

So... as I said above it's been a mighty busy month.

>> Soon after my last post I journeyed up to the wilds of Vancouver, WA to shoot a commercial for Grover Electric and Plumbing Supply, a Northwest hardward store chain. Visitors to my Myspace profile have already gotten a sneak-peak of my "look" for the commercial (that's Kyle Vahan standing next to me - he's going to look even worse in the spot, if a little cleaner). Because we were shooting in the Grover store we didn't get the ball rolling until 6pm, and it was midnight before I'd shot my scenes and was on my way back to Portland. It's going to be a very funny spot, though - it was written by Pat Cashman, who you Seattleites might remember from the Emerald City's own little sketch comedy show Almost Live (he's a great guy, by the way; very mellow and very professional on the set).

Unfortunately, unless you live in Southwest Washington you probably won't see the spot run when it starts playing in early September. Later in the month more Northwesterners will see the spot when it airs on ESPN during the Portland Trailblazers games... but just in case you want to see it, I'll be sure to post it on when I get a copy.

>> Something you will be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks is Trish's Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield commercial. We started getting calls from friends and family a couple of weeks ago, telling us that Trish and her big yellow lab were appearing during Network show breaks. We've even seen it ourselves a couple times (which, given how often we watch television these days, is a wonder). No idea how long the spot is going to air, but keep an eye out for it. Hopefully we'll get a copy that we can post on (when I get around to actually fleshing out that site's content).

>> Remember that guy Kyle Vahan I mentioned above? He put director Scott Cummins in touch with me soon after we wrapped the Grover shoot. For you Trekkies out there, Scott directed an episode of the fan-generated Star Trek TOS (that's "The Old Show," for you uninitiated) web series Star Ship Exeter. He and his company, Riverscape Pictures, are competing in this year's 48 Hour Film Competition, and he's asked me to join the cast for his piece.

Of course, there's no guarantee that I'll actually be in Scott's film... he has no idea yet if there's going to be a part in it for me. You see, he won't know what the subject of the film is going to be until Friday evening, August 10th. Once he and the other filmmakers competing get the topic of their films, they have 48 hours to write the script, shoot their footage, and edit it together before the showing on Sunday, August 12. This promises to be quite the endurance test, if I actually end up being in the film. Of course, I'll have it easy... I'm just going to be in the scenes that get shot. Scott and his crew are the ones who have to edit it together in time. I'll keep you posted on things as the competition gets closer, but plan on showing up at the Hollywood Theater at 7:00 pm on Sunday August 12th to see Scott's film (and the other competitors). I've talked to a lot of people who've done the 48 Hour Film Competition in the past, and they say it's a blast... I'm really looking forward to it.

>> I don't necessarily hold with the old show-biz adage that "it's not what you know, it's who you know..." but sometimes the people you know can open doors for you, and get you a shot to show someone what you know. Obviously, Kyle Vahan helped me get this 48 Hour Film gig I just mentioned... Trish's association with IFCC Creative Director Adrienne Flagg also helped her get a voice audition, which she just booked!

Adrienne passed Trish's name on to Ilana Sol, a documentary director who was looking for someone with a mature, confident voice for her documentary on the Japanese Baloon Bombs of World War II.

Ever heard of the Japanese Baloon Bombs? Trish and I certainly hadn't. It seems that in the 1940's, the Japanese had been able to chart the path of the Pacific jet stream. They created thousands of bombs and attached them to baloons that they sent up into the jet stream towards the united states. Many of those bombs made it to the United States, but only six people were killed by them - a group of people in Southern Oregon who found an unexploded bomb. When the women who build the bombs in Japan learned of these people's deaths, they sent 1000 origami swans to the town they lived in, and started a dialogue with the people of Oregon that grew into a long-standing relationship.

Ilana was researching another documentary she was working on when she came across this story, and was so taken with it that she turned her efforts towards making a documentary on THAT topic. After the film was finished she did the narration in her own voice, but decided it wasn't quite right... and that's where Trish comes in. She's going to rehearse with the narration in the next week, and will actually record the voice track for the film sometime this month. No word yet on when the film will be released, but we'll keep you posted.

>> And finally, the last bit of big big news... I've just been cast in a new project produced by Mark Roush, Greg Demchak and Wasteland Films called Lady Wasteland. It's a post-apocalyptic action/adventure webisode series that's still in heavy development; I'll share more about the project as things come together.

Anyway... that's the latest. Just figured I'd check in... Hope you're all doing well!