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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gettin' In Gear And Stayin' Organized Pt. 2.5: Holdon Log Responds

Hey folks

The people over at Holdon Log found out about the article I posted yesterday comparing their ActorTrack product to ProtalentPERFORMER. I got this email from them earlier today:

From: Brian Vermeire
Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 1:43 PM
To: 'Harold Phillips'
Subject: A note from the makers of ActorTrack...

Hello Harold:

We have had the opportunity to read your in-depth review. Thank you for taking the time to peel back the layers of both applications and declare ActorTrack the "stronger of the two programs". ActorTrack is stellar as you pointed out when it comes to workflow and ease of use. This level of comprehensive understanding of how performers truly work can be attributed to the fact (as you guessed correctly) ActorTrack was indeed "produced by (working) actors" and not "by someone outside the industry, trying to create a software solution".

The couple of points you mentioned about ActorTrack (primarily about Calendar functionality) have been addressed and resolved with the upcoming release of PerformerTrack. There is so much more in PerformerTrack that when you stated that the other program "is the little sister to the older, wiser ActorTrack" you may soon say that PerformerTrack is "the slick and astute brother to its wise sibling, ActorTrack"!

There was one issue we did want to clarify with regards to ActorTrack in your review. In it the "Bookings" section of your review you state:

"Clicking this button immediately opens the booked projects page,
ActorTrack asks you to 'back out' of the Auditions section and
then go into
the 'Booked Projects' section (one of the few times you
have to 'back out'
of a screen in ActorTrack)."

Actually, you never have to "back out" of the 'Auditions' section to get to the 'Booked Projects' section. Once you click the 'Booked Project Star' in the lower-right hand corner of the screen to mark the project 'Booked' simply click it again and it will automatically bring you to that project's 'Booking Details'! This neat little feature is specified on page 65 of ActorTrack's built-in User Manual.

Thanks again for taking your valuable time to write the review and show performers the "real truth" between both products. ActorTrack stands proud!

Highest regards,

Brian Vermeire, CEO
Holdon Log, LLC
The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools
"Log It, Track It, Book It!"

I took a look at my copy of ActorTrack, and sure enough... he's right! How have I used this software for the past two years and not noticed that?