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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Software Package For Actors

Hey folks

As a wise man once said, the larger part of the term "Show Business" is Business. Every professional actor has to run his or her career like a business; income and expenses have to be managed, taxes have to be paid, networking has to occur to get that next job.

Last month I wrote an article (Gettin' In Gear and Stayin' Organized) about keeping income and expenses organized for tax time... and my use of Holdon Log's ActorTrack software. That article prompted another software company to contact me about their career management software for actors, ProtalentPERFORMER.

I downloaded a ten-day trial and compared the two packages. My thoughts on the two packages can be found below... I have to warn you, though... the article is LOOOOOOOOOONG. You know me... I'm prone to long blog posts, but this one is long even for me! If you're interested in getting your acting career organized, though, please stop on by and take a look. You can find the article by clicking here (I back-dated it so that it wouldn't dominate the entire page). Just be sure to pack a lunch and sit in a comfy chair.