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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Code, It Is Crackin'!

No, not "The Kraken..."

The new film I'm in, Crackin' The Code, is Crackin'!

First off, there's a new movie poster inspired by the John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club. During the same photo session, some other Huges-inspired posters were created... you can check them out here:

Second, Crackin' The Code has invaded MySpace with a new profile; http://www. myspace. com/crackinthecodemovie. You MySpace users should really take a moment to add the profile as a "friend;" you'll get updates as the production and post-production progresses.

Third, the Crackin' The Code Blog is a handy way keep track of what's going on in Code-land... if you're not a MySpace user (or even if you are), keep an eye on that page (I'm actually the "featured actor" on the side-bar this month... thanks Steve!)

Finally, the Crackin' The Code Podcast is live, with cast and crew interviews, and it's now available via ITunes! You can add it to ITunes by clicking here - non-ITunes users can still hear this rowdy crew as the film is mad by clicking on Crackin' The Code's Switchpod page.

So, things are heating up in Code-land... I shoot my scenes in the film in mid-July, and director Steve Coker is hoping to have the first cut of the film finished by this winter. I'll keep you posted!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July...