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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Idaho Day 1

Greetings from our room at the Best Western in fabulous Kennewick, WA. Trish and I elected to drive half-way last night, stay overnight here in Kennewick, then drive the rest of the way to the Sandpoint, ID area today.

There's not much to say about the trip yesterday... we got out of town at around 4:00 pm (we got a late start on the day, and spent most of the day getting "housekeeping" items taken care of and last-minute packing... didn't keep me from leaving the new Carhartt jacket I picked up for our night shoots at home in the closet, though...). We drove for about an hour and a half, stopped at a rest stop (populated by some very cute and friendly ground squirrels... these little critters were used to people and begged for hand-outs - and some of them really scored!), then crossed over the Columbia river and into Washington.

Once over the Columbia, we got the chance to visit the Stonehenge War Memorial near Maryhill, WA. I'd seen the Stonehenge memorial several times while heading east on Interstate 84 (it's high on a hill across the river from Oregon), but this was the first time I'd actually visited the site... it's really something! The monument was built by a private land owner (who also started the Marysville Historical Society and museum. He built it on his own land as a memorial to the soldiers from Klickitat County who were killed in World War I.

After stopping at the memorial, it was on to Kennewick... we pulled in here at about 7:30pm. Once we got checked into the Best Western, we went out and ate some... filling Italian food at Casa Mia, then headed back to the room and crashed. Or, I should say, Trish crashed... i was till up for a little while so I started reading the copy of Twilight that I brought with us. Yeah yeah, I know... it's a "girl book." It's damned well written, though... I can see why it's a world-wide best-seller.

We're going to help ourselves to the breakfast bar, and then get packed up and on the road. At 9:30 in the morning it's already 80 degrees and blisteringly bright outside... I think we're going to have a pretty hot day!

More later...