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Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm "Preppin' The 'Net" With Cisco Systems!

Hey everyone!

A new internet video I appear in for Cisco Systems just launched... well, "internet video" doesn't quite to the scope of this little project justice.

See, the deal is this: Cisco has this product called the ASR 9000 router. Without getting all geeky-speaky, it's a bigger pipe for internet communications to go through. In order to promote this new router, Cisco created a web site around a kooky scientist who exhorts the viewer to help him "Prep The Net" with this new router.

And that kooky scientist... well, that's him above and to the left.

Ok, so if you don't care about computers, routers, exobytes of data and so forth, there's still some fun stuff to do on the site... Cisco is asking users to print off and tape together paper versions of their ASR 9000 router - and to take photos of these routers in various locations. You can upload the photos to the site, and they'll be displayed for people to take a look at and share.

I should mention that "V," the mastermind at Visual Producers, directed the video on the site... he and the fabulous Mason West at Ascentium were the creative minds behind the concept. Everyone was a blast to work with on this project... we all had a GREAT time putting it together (even the pedestrians I freaked out on Burnside St).

So, visit with this kooky scientist at his wacky web site: And go ahead! Download the "paperware" and have some fun!

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