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Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Animus Cross Teaser For Series II

Hey everyone!

Sorry to be a little behind in the blogging department these days... it's been a pretty busy week! In fact, I'm running between appointments at the moment... but I've to an hour, so I figured I'd pause at the Southeast Grind (one of my "satellite offices" around the Portland metro area - the coffee's good and so's the free wifi) to update you on some Animus Cross news.
If you subscribe to the Official Animus Cross Blog, follow series creator A.L. Steen on Twitter, or you've been following ME on Twitter or Facebook, then you probably already heard about this, but a new "teaser" for Animus Cross Series II has been released on the internet... you can see it at Amanda's working on getting the teaser up on YouTube and Vimeo - I'll be sure to embed it here on the blog when that happens.
Amanda's also managed to (finally) get the series listed on IMDB - though it's a little light on info just at the moment. We'll be working on supplimenting the listing over the coming weeks.
It's an exciting time around the Animus Cross camp fire... Mark your calendars! April 2010 is going to be a heck of a month!

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