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Friday, October 29, 2010

Animus Cross Series II Ends With Episode 7

Hey folks

Been a while since I dusted off the ol' Blog here... most of my focus of late has been in building readership for my other project at as the election draws near, the OMPA and I have been working to remind the candidates for state-wide office of the contribution Oregon's film and TV industry makes to the state's economy... it'll be very interesting to see who we'll be working with next year!

That's not what I'm writing about today, though. I wanted to let you know that - just in time for Halloween - Animus Cross Series II is drawing to an end with the release of the seventh and final episode of the series at (if you have a hard time watching the episode on the official site, remember that it'll be released on creator A.L. Steen's YouTube channel next Wednesday.)

A lot of people have asked where the series is going from here - whether we'll be rolling on a series III in the new year. The jury's still out on that one... a lot has happened in Amanda and Jerry's life since we wrapped Series II (not the least being the arrival of their son Trone.) Series I and Series II were entirely self-financed, and I think their money may need to be... uh... directed in a different direction now.

That's not to say that production on Series III is completely off the table - not by a long shot! We just need to explore some sponsorship and distribution options to get the third series funded. Keep your eye on the official site and on the Animus Cross blog for word on future developments...

Happy Halloween, ladies (if only we could have gotten Clancy Brown to do this on camera while he was in town working on Leverage...)


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