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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Training Up...

Yeah... so I'm a little sore today.  See, I'm "in training."

Somehow my dad (who's become quite the avid bicyclist in the past few years... in fact, he's ridden the Seattle to Portland Classic twice thus far, and he'll be doing it again this year) talked me into riding the Portland Century bike ride this coming August... and I haven't been on my bicycle for at least a year.

Now, I'm not planning on riding the full 100 mile trek on August 21st... that'd be madness given how little I've been on my bike.  I did agree to join him on the 40 mile route, though... which means I've got to get some miles in on the bike between now and then.  That might be a little challenging, given my wacky schedule, Portland's unpredictable weather, and the other "X-Factors" that can come up in Trish and my lives... but it's something to shoot for - and let's face it, I could use the exercise.

So, yesterday, I took a ten mile trip from my house to the nearest post office (had to mail some invoices...) and back.  It didn't destroy my legs nearly as bad as I thought it would... we'll see what happens as I start to expand out to 20 and 30 mile trips.

So, if you Portlanders see me wheezing on the side of the road, you'll know what's going on...

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