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Monday, March 31, 2008

Beast or Famine

(<----------- Yes, I am a massive geek. I mean, I'm a massive geek, not David Tennant's a massive geek. Why am I a massive geek? Because, of course, I know Dr. Who's name is David Tennant. Enough said.)

It's not uncommon, when I describe my wacky life to people, that I say it's a "beast or famine" existence. Like most independent contractors (a category I fall into as both an actor AND a computer/ web guy), you never know when the next job is going to come in, so you hustle to try to get work. When the work comes in, though, it sometimes pours in like a raging torrent. That's pretty much where I find myself these days...

Most of my weekend was spent... well, shopping. Doesn't sound like a big deal, huh? What I was shopping for, though, was costuming for The Outbreak, my upcoming internet zombie film. Rather than try to costume us herself, Lynn Lund (the producer/ production manager/ manager-of-almost-everything-else) decided to give the actors a budget and have us shop for ourselves. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it - we can find the clothes and make sure they fit, but we're not wearing our own clothes (and getting zombie blood and guts on them). Given the messy nature of the film, however, we're going to need multiple changes. That's where things got tricky.

Lynn suggested that we shop at Target for budgetary reasons, a suggestion I whole-heartedly embraced because... well... I'm a big fan of Target. They're a low-price store, but unlike Walmart, K-Mart, or other competitors Target is committed to giving 5% of their profits back to the communities their stores are located in - and many arts organizations here in Portland have been the beneficiaries of this commitment. So, I take any opportunity I get to shop at Target, because I know that part of my money is going to Mt. Hood Repertory Theater Company, Miracle Theater, Tears of Joy, or some other organization here in town.

Anyway, back to "the big deal" that most people wouldn't expect when I say "I spent my weekend shopping." First off, I had to find costume pieces that fit the suggestions Lynn and the Director of Photography had made. Then, I had to find three changes... and that's where the wrinkle (if you'll excuse the expression) popped up. I ended up visiting two Targets on opposite sides of town to find three of everything.

Then, last night, we had the first table-read of Crackin' The Code at Portland's Slingshot Lounge (a very cool SE Portland watering hole that will figure prominently in the movie)... and it totally ROCKED!!!! Director Steve Coker has assembled a near-perfect cast for the characters in the film, including Jonathan Hall, Illya Torres-Garner, John San Nicolas, Audrey Walker, and more (check out the complete cast on the film's official Cast Page ).

After we'd read through the script (and had plenty of laughs), it was time to pull out the calendars and try to match schedules for the pre-production rehearsals, pr photos, etc... it quickly became apparent, however, that we weren't going to schedule anything at the lounge. Everyone's schedules were packed with various items, and Steve finally asked us to email him our schedules for the next four months (remember, we don't shoot this thing until mid-July) so he could come up with a matrix.

When I finally got home, I took a look at my schedule for the next few months... and WOW! It's a lot more jammed than I thought it was:

  • Wardrobe meeting for Outbreak today
  • Streetcar Named Desire rehearsal Thursday
  • Wild Bills company party Saturday
  • Murder mystery rehearsals and performance next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
  • Outbreak rehearsal at our location next Wednesday
  • Final Outbreak rehearsal Sunday the 13th
  • The Outbreak shoot April 14-20
  • Streetcar Named Desire rehearsals the following week.

And that's not even counting the day-job, or potential gigs I've auditioned for... like I say, "Beast or Famine." Thank god I've got my ActorTrack software to help me keep it all straight (OO!!! Some exciting news on that front is coming soon, by the way... keep an eye out for it!).

It's going to be an interesting month...


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Business Like Show Business...

Golly gee willikers wow-za, folks... it's been a hell of a couple weeks!! There's been a whole lotta stuff going on... and I've been running so hard I haven't even had time to sit down and quietly contemplate everything, let alone share the news.

Well lets see, where did I leave off last time...

You might recall that Trish and I were just getting ready to leave for a quick visit with my family up in the Blaine, WA area (near the Canadian border). Checking my email on the way up the highway, I found out that I got called back for the Oil Can Henry's ad that I'd auditioned for that week, so I was off and running Monday morning. I felt like the call-back went pretty well, but I didn't get the part (as it turned out my friend Tim Hill got cast instead, and I never mind losing out to him).

The week got a lot more exciting on Wednesday, though because...

Giggity Giggigy Giggity !!!

Out of the blue, Trish got a call from Lana Veenker Casting asking if she could step into a role in a little feature that's shooting in the area... called Twilight (based on the best-selling book series by Stephenie Meyer). See, Trish had auditioned for a role in the film a while back and not gotten cast. It turned out, however, that a scheduling conflict had developed with the actor who was cast, so Trish got the call.

Needless to say there was much hustling around as she got wardrobe together and fielded one-hundred-eleven phone calls from the casting agency, assistant directors, second assistant directors... you name it. They ended up not getting to her scene on Wednesday, so they called her back this past Monday. They didn't get to her scene Monday either, so she's currently on call - sometime in the next month or so she should get in front of the camera.

It's a wacky business...

Things get even MORE interesting, though. Friday I had a meeting with Lisa Abbott at my favorite home-away-from-home (the Fireside Coffee Lodge) to go over the violence I'm choreographing for her production of Streetcar Named Desire at Clark College. Nothing too over-the-top; Stanley isn't going to pull a broadsword on Blanche or anything like that. I'm going to have to get in to rehearse in the next week, however, since filming of The Outbreak is scheduled during prime rehearsal time.

Then, Wild Bills contacted us over the weekend to ask if we would both do a murder mystery at the Resort At The Mountain in early April (Trish will be directing and I'll be acting in "Capone's Place," a wacky 1920's romp featuring Al Capone, Elliot Ness, and all sorts of mob and flapper-type characters). We of course said yes...

Then I had a callback last night for a local indie feature called Crackin' The Code, written and directed by Steve Coker.

Giggity Giggigy Giggity !!!

I auditioned for the three lead roles back in February, knowing that I was too old for the parts. After my audition, Steve contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in playing a featured role - the lead character's brother's boyfriend. Of course, I have no problem with playing a gay character, so he sent me some sides to look at. The couple, Clay and Nick, are so real; the scenes really resonated with me.

I got to meet "Clay" at my callback last night, and we really clicked. I felt a great connection with both Shawn Cates (who plays Clay) and Steve, and by the end of the evening we were hanging around like old friends. I think they're going to be great to work with.

We're going to have some workshop and rehearsal sessions in the coming months. The film starts principal photography in July.

Want even more wacky? I have a call-back for another indie on Friday; if I get cast in this one, shooting would begin almost imediately after my zombie movie, The Outbreak, wraps.

So, like I say... things are kinda crazy around here. Trish is waiting to hear about her next day on the set of Twilight, I'm in pre-production rehearsals for The Outbreak and Crackin' The Code. April is going to be pretty much one thing after another - if it's not one-thing-scheduled-around-the-other... Our trip to Alaska this summer is going to provide us a very welcome break.

Hope your lives are a little more stable...


Friday, March 14, 2008

A Bit of This And That Before The Weekend...

Howdy folks... we had a rehearsal for my upcoming Zombie film The Outbreak last night at director Chris Lund's house, and let me just say... this little project is gonna kick ass ('cause it's all out of bubble gum)!!!! I'm so excited by how things are shaping up; I can't wait to get filming!

My mailbox has been filling up with a lot of interesting items over the past week, and I figured that I'd share them with you before I hit the road to go see my parents up in Washington. Some of this might be of interest to you... or, it might not be. Not to worry, I'll return to my conceited self-congratulatory posts soon enough.

>> I got an email from Stefanie Sertich this morning (well, actually, it was through my Facebook account). Stef is coming back to Portland in April to teach an audition workshop to young actors. The details are below... click here to see her message. If you know someone who might be interested, have them contact Stefanie at!

>> Here's one for you filmmakers out there: has started an ad contest called "Obama in 30 Seconds." Anyone can make an ad about Barack Obama between now and April 1. The public will vote on the best ads, and a panel will pick a winner from among the finalists. (Judges include Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone, John Legend, Donna Edwards, and Markos Moulitsas. The full list is at the web site.)

The winning Obama ad will be aired nationally (and qualifiers will be sene on the web); the winner will receive a gift certificate for $20,000 in video equipment. If you're interested, visit for the details.

>> My friend Kate is doing her doctoral work in Sociology at Rutgers. She recently noted on her blog that the new budget proposed by the Bush administration (and passed by the house last night) eliminates funding for a study on how Americans use their time. Seems like a pretty mundane thing to study, but the data collected is incredibly valuable to many sectors of industry, healthcare, and academia. Pop by and read her post, and if you agree that the study should be funded, sign the letter to Congress asking that the study be re-funded.

>> Finally, you may remember that a couple years ago I did some work with Golden Hours, a "radio" program that was broadcast on Oregon Public Broadcasting's Secondary Audio Program channel for the blind... well, I just got word that after 30 years of serving that community, Golden Hours and the Accessible Information Network are shutting their doors. This is from the email I received:

Four immense challenges were identified [for the continuation of the Golden Hours Program]:
1. The imminent demise of the secondary audio program (SAP), which is the primary means of delivering of this service; 2. The difficulty in identifying any significant user base of this service; 3. The cost of producing content and the lack of any viable revenue sources to support it, and, finally; 4. The lack of any feasible and effective methods of delivering the service following the end of analog television broadcasting next year.

When AIN/Golden Hours began in 1975, the blind and visually impaired had few options for receiving news and information. For many years prior to the rise of the internet and prior to OPB radio becoming primarily a news and information service, Golden Hours provided one of the only options for the community it serves.

Today, the number of TV news channels has skyrocketed, the Internet has exploded, thousands of books and magazines are now offered on tape. Advances in synthesized voice have led to new telephone and online news services (like NFB Newsline, a telephone service that provides audio of several Oregon-based newspapers such as The Oregonian and The Statesman-Journal). Media habits among the blind and visually disabled are also changing, albeit at a slower pace than the sighted population, towards a greater use of on-demand media and time shifting.

As we reviewed potential options, it became clear that OPB can provide a greater public service by promoting the services of organizations already serving the blind and visually impaired community...

So, time marches on... it's a pity to see the program go, but if the audience isn't there any more, and there are other options available to the blind community, then it seems like it's time.

I'll always treasure the time I spent on the Golden Hours mic, though... my buddy Duane Hanson and I had a great time reading the news, weather, and shopping ads.

Well, that's it for now. Time to get packed and head up the road to Washington. Have a great weekend!


A Bit of This And That: Stefanie's Email

Here's the message I got from Stefanie Sertich about her upcoming workshop:

I am coming to Portland April 7-14 to teach an audition weekend workshop. I am
setting it up through Lake Oswego high school, so its for teens and young
adults. If you know anyone who might be interested in attending, could I ask you
to let me know? I am marketing this thing myself and I'm having a hard time getting kids signed up. I find the parents are best to go through. And since the kids at Lake Oswego aren't signing up rapidly, I am opening it up to anyone in the area.

Its 4 classes-- 2 on April 12 and 2 on April 13, during the day in
Lake Oswego. They can come to one, or all four. Its $30 a class (four hour
class). I will be working on individual monologues, musical theatre songs, a
broadway dance number (I will teach the original choreography) and also have a
nyc industry chat session. Each one of those subjects are different classes. Its
basically to work on their audition pieces, improve their work and help them get
over the jitters of auditioning. I also believe in building self confidence and
individuality. Any student looking to improve their acting will benefit. I've
been working with this age group in the city and find them to be so fun!

My point is to come to Portland and give back. If I was independently wealthy, it
would be free! But I'm trying to make it affordable and accessible and help kids
realize that its possible to have a career in theatre. No matter where they are.
If you know anyone, I would be most appreciative. I can email you the
attachments or you can send my info along, or anything you think is appropriate.

You would be doing me a huge favor.



Interested or know anyone who might be? Shoot Stef an email at!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Theaters Are Dark Places...

A little dark humor for your Thursday morning:

R.K. Millholand, the creator of Something Positive, is a pretty sick and twisted guy... and I usually laugh out loud at his strips. So, that must make me... hm... Millholand is also an actor in the Boston area, and every once in a while the insanity of the theater world makes its way into his storylines.

Well, it's been a pretty crazy, full week. Here's a quick re-cap:

The weekend was pretty busy... I had a nice little chat with Steve Herring on Saturday when I went by his place to get my copy of the OEN Presentation Videos (they turned out great, by the way... I'll try and get a couple clips posted on next week). Then, on Sunday, I shot part of Walter Ate A Peanut, a festival bound short film directed by Robin Willis and produced by Kathleen Lopez. I heard later that Robin (a director who lives in Europe and works all over the world) was blown away by the talent and professionalism of the Portland actors he worked with, and is planning on bringing a few projects here in the near future.

The auditions have been coming fast and furious this week... I had a print "go see" on Monday, I had two auditions on Tuesday (one for a web video spokesperson, and one for a Planned Parenthood spot), and a third on Wednesday (for Oil Can Henry's, a local oil change shop).

Trish also had an audition for an indy that's going to be shot up in Battleground, Washington this spring, and the director was very impressed with her. If something develops on that front (and I'm expecting it will) I'll be sure to pass on the word.

Tonight we'll have our second formal rehearsal for The Outbreak, the internet Zombie movie I'm working on (no, they're not internet zombies... they're zombies. Who will appear in a film on the internet. Have to be very specific about that stuff these days...)

And travel plans are afoot... Trish and I are going to run off to Washington this weekend to see my family in the Blaine area this weekend - not for any reason in particular, other than the fact that we never know when we're going to have a free weekend these days, and we have to grab the opportunities while we can.

We're also very close to finalizing plans for our trip to Alaska this summer... looks like we'll be flying into Anchorage on the 12th or 13th, driving to Valdez on the 14th, attending the Last Frontier Theater Conference from the 14th or 15th through the 21st, then driving back to Anchorage on the 22nd to hang with some UAA Theater alum's and my good friend Kert until the 25th or 26th.

I'm really looking forward to hanging out with people like Guillermo Reyes in Valdez (for the entire list of "featured artists" expected to attend the conference, click here), and of course to going back to Anchorage after almost 10 years.

Well, that's it for now... hope you're all doing well!


Friday, March 07, 2008

High Rollers and Working For Peanuts

Hey there folks

Well, the train keeps speeding down the track, and this week has been quite a jumble - if things keep going in this direction, my year's going to be very busy! In fact, I've started posting shoot, show, and travel dates on my MySpace Calendar just to help me keep track of it all (you have to scroll down a fair bit on my page to find the calendar... it's there, though :) ). Here's a quick re-cap, just to get my own head around everything that's going on...

>> Tuesday I attended the opening festivities of the OEN Conference to see the premier of the videos I shot with Rebecca Rodriguez and Drink Me Pictures. The evening was a bit surreal... we were asked to show up in costumes we'd worn in the videos (not the Hip-hop gear, thankfully...). When we arrived, we were asked to mingle with the members of the OEN, and when the videos were ready to be shown escort them to their seats.

Rebecca and Steve were hoping that filtering us through the investors might yield some leads on financing their next project... and I think it might have worked. I saw Rebecca (who looked FABULOUS, incidentally) talking to quite a few well-heeled individuals before and after the showings. Add to that a member of the OEN talking up Drink Me Pictures' innovative micro-financing system (it's all on their web site - you should really take a look!), and the evening showed real promise for buiding financing for their next film.

The videos themselves turned out great... because of some technical difficulties with the projector, we were only able to see the first and third in the series. What we saw, though, were very funny and had the audience laughing and applauding. I'm looking forward to seeing all three end-to-end when I pick up my DVD copy this weekend - I'll be sure to post some choice clips in the video section of once I pick up my copy.

>> Also on Tuesday, I had a conversation with the production coordinator of an indie being produced in Battleground, WA tentatively entitled The Abu Gahrib Effect. I've been called back once to read for one of the leads, and it seems that I'm in the "final four" as they move towards final casting. If I get cast, the film will shoot in mid-April. The writer/ director is also very interested in Trish for one of the roles... I'm hoping to get more information in the next week about final call-backs.

>> Wednesday, I was reminded yet again that it's great to live in the 21st century. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm going to be playing the Claude Rains character in a Wild Bills' murder mystery based on the classic film Casablanca this Friday (hey, that's today!). Since Wild Bills doesn't do this show very often, I had to go to Hollywood Costumers here in Portland to find a costume for the performance (they have a great costume stock, but 1940's French Police Captain in Casablanca isn't on the hangers).

The woman who helped me at Hollywood didn't know what I was talking about when I told her I needed to look like Claude Rains in Casablanca... she'd probably seen the movie, but she couldn't recall how he was dressed. Luckily, I had my Treo with me, so I just connected to the internet and pulled (admittedly small) photos onto the phone to show her what I was looking for. It eased the process imensely. Lets hear it for the internet age, huh? I've said several times that an internet-enabled smart phone is one of the best tools an actor can have - it keeps track of your calendar, your contacts, lets you check email when you're not at your computer... and sometimes, it even helps with wardrobe!

>> Wednesday evening we had our final rehearsal for Casablanca at Wild Bills headquarters, and during a break I used the aforementioned Treo to check my email.

Giggity Giggity Giggity

A couple weeks ago, my agent submitted my headshot and resume for a short film called Walter Ate A Peanut directed by international commercial director Robin Willis and produced by Kathleen Lopez. There wasn't an audition process per se; the film is going to be composed of a series of still photographs strung together to make the narrative, so they were just casting from photos.

Apparently, my photo was good enough to make the cut (thank you Owen Carey!), because waiting in my inbox on Wednesday night was a message from the wardrobe coordinator about the costumes I should bring for this weekend's shoot. There wasn't any other information, such as call times or location... but at least I know I got cast.

The film is going to be marketed to film festivals worldwide. Given Robin and Kathleen's reputations and connections, I wouldn't doubt that it'll get seen. I'll be sure to update you when more info is available.

>> Thursday I had a conversation with Lynn Lund from Silk Tricky confirming details about my upcoming Zombie movie, The Outbreak. It's set to shoot in mid-April, with more than a few rehearsals, makeup tests, and stunt sessions (at the hands of local stunt impressario Jerry Buxbaum) leading up to the actual shoot dates. This is going to be a rather large undertaking, especially given that we're trying to get the entire thing shot in five days.

In the course of the conversation Lynn mentioned that she was interested in seeing Trish for a couple roles in the film as well. So this might be another one we get to work on together!

Once I get through the murder mystery tonight and this weekend's shoot Outbreak will be the main focus, beyond a couple of auditions I have scheduled.

>> I'm not the only one who's received some good news this past week... Audrey Walker just got cast in Crackin' The Code, a local indie that's going to shoot this summer (I'm also up for a featured roll in that film... still working out a date for the call-back). Local favorite Todd Robinson was just put under contract to play a "scruffy pizza guy" in a series of Pappa Murphy's commercials and personal appearances. My old college friend Bostin Christopher is in Austin at the moment, attending the world premier of his new movie Otis (he plays a minor role... a character called "Otis") with Kevin Pollack, Illeana Douglas, and Daniel Stern (among others). Good things seem to be happening all over!

>> Finally, plans are under way for Trish and my trip to Alaska this summer to attend the Last Frontier Theater Conference, and a reunion of the University of Alaska at Anchorage Theater Department. I'm really looking forward to getting back up to Anch-Ak... and look at some of the people who we're going to be attending the conference with! Wowzers, Penny! My old friend Dawson Moore really knows how to put together a party!

We'll be in Valdez during the week of June 15th (still making travel arrangements), then we'll drive to Anchorage and hang with my good friend Kert and attend a couple of UAA events. All you Anchorageans (Anchor-rats? Anchor-townspeople?), drop me a line, and lets plan on hooking up some time between the 22nd and 25th (or thereabouts).

That's it from the home office (for now)... hope you're all doing well!


Oh, P.S. - Post #100!! Woo hoo!!! It only took me about 2 1/2 years to get here...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Return From (or is it TO?) The Dead

Hey folks

Well, it's been a couple weeks since my last post, and a whole LOT of stuff has been going on. I did say that things were getting more hectic... the past couple weeks have certainly lived up to that assessment.

First off, it must be said that the closing weekend of Dead of Winter ROCKED!!!!! Thursday and Saturday nights were completely sold out, and the audience was very appreciative.

Our final day of shooting the OEN Videos with Recca Rodriguez and Drink My Pictures went great... we filmed my final scenes at Portland's Hotel Monaco. My part of the shoot was comparatively small; all "my posse" and I had to do was walk down the hall into a hotel room. It's sad, really... Rebecca and Steve got us all decked out in hip-hop gear (my character has created a rap video to try and get money from an investor, so he brings his "rapper" up to meet the investor - and he and his entourage are suitably "geared-up"), and we looked REALLY good. We'll probably appear for all of two seconds in the final product :)

The young rapper who my character walks in with, though, is a real pro - he knows how to lay down the rhymes. Rebecca wrote this great parody of Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back, completely re-written for the high-finance, entrepreneurial types (how many rap songs have you heard with "due dilligence" and "sec filings" in the lyrics?), and Mickey Dee (aka Mike Barr) recorded it all and did the video for the shoot. It's a hoot! Check out Mickey's MySpace page for samples of his work - I'm not generally into rap, but this kid's got mad skillz (yo).

I'll actually get to attend the premier showing of the video's on Tuesday - it's a fancy black-tie affair for the hosts of the Oregon Entrepreneurial Network's annual conference. They want us to show up in costume, so I'm sure "The Head Honcho" (my character) will get to step out and pump-the-flesh one more time. If you want to see a couple of stills from the video series, by the way, I've posted them in the "Production" and "Behind the Scenes" galleries on

The next day I had to be on meth... or at least I had to act like I'd recently "kicked it" and was going into Changepoint, a local recovery center, to join a study on the effectiveness of 12-step programs. This kind of role-playing is something I do occasionally for the Oregon "Node" of the National Institutes of Health... from time to time they'll do these studies, and they'll call me in to play a patient going through the intake process. It helps the therapists fine-tune their intake procedure, and it gives me the chance to give them feedback on what might have worked or what could be structured better.

This time around my meth addict character "Eric" was, I think, a big help to the practitioners... we ran through the intake process twice, and the second time I came in a lot of the suggestions I made had been put into place. It's nice to be able to be part of this process... hopefully the part I play will help organizations like Changepoint fine-tune their therapies, and serve their populations better.

The organizers at OHSU have been pretty happy with the part I've played in the study process... so happy, in fact, that there's the possibility they might arrange to fly me around the country to other sites conducting the study. Of course, that depends on getting funding from the government, so we'll see if anything comes of it... but you never know. I could be showing up at a drug treatment facility in your neighborhood!
The weekend rolled around, and I auditioned for Crackin' The Code, an indie romantic comedy being produced this summer by Hunter's Moon Productions. I was asked to read for the three lead roles in the film, but I knew going into the audition that I was too old for each of them... there might have been one character that fit my age range, but the director was looking for a cast in its twenties and lets face it... I'm just not in my 20's any more (hell, I was hardly ever cast in "young" parts even when I was in my twenties).

I must have done something right, though, because Steve Coker (the director) contacted me later saying that he's considering me for a featured part in the film. So, if all goes well, I might be shooting Crackin' The Code in late July or early August.

The big news of the week, however, was waiting in my email when I got home from the audition.

Susan Funk, the assistant director on Lady Wasteland, sent me an email asking if I wanted to play the lead in an internet zombie movie tentatively titled The Outbreak. The film will be produced and directed by Chris Lund, who has done a number of online films for big corporate clients (check out the "Projects" section of his web site). The form the film is going to take is pretty innovative, and Susan's gathering an amazing crew full of local talent to work on it. I'm really psyched to be part of it (let alone playing the lead role!). We had our first table read on Wednesday - it's going to ROCK!! More on this as it develops... we start shooting mid-April.
Oh, I also picked up a murder mystery gig with Wild Bills' Murder For Sale; I'll be playing a part in a mystery based on Casablanca down in Salem on Friday. In fact, I'll be playing this guy over here. As with all Murder for Sale shows, it's a private party; unfortunately, the public doesn't get to attend. I think I heard that we've been hired in as entertainment for a school fundraiser. We had our first rehearsal tonight... it'll be a lot of fun for the actors AND the audience!

So, that's pretty much the low-down as to what's been going on in my life of late... I'm also up for a part in another indie film slated to start shooting in May. If I get into that one, my entire spring and summer are pretty much booked, between The Outbreak, possible additional sessions for the NIH, Crackin' The Code, my trip up to Alaska for the Last Frontier Theater Conference... this is shaping up to be a busy year.
Hope you're all doing well...